Pro Life

Golfing Through the Pain, For Better or Worse

We’ve all seen it, a professional golfer withdraws because of some injury prior to the upcoming tournament. Anna and I have both had to withdraw from a tournament because of an injury. Why not just play through it? What’s the … Read More

Partial Status Fun; the Waiting Game

We get the question a lot, “So what tours do you play on?” Well, it can be complicated. We usually reply with the fact that we’re on two tours, the Cactus Tour and the Symetra Tour. It is a fact, … Read More

What Goes On During Our Golf Club Fitting

I recently got some new wedges from Callaway and the new Callaway Rogue driver. It’s always fun getting new clubs but then we have to get them fitted. At this point, we know too much to not! So I thought … Read More

Bring Your Dogs to Work Day

Lucy and Mia may be our biggest fans and best friends. Lucy is Armana’s Pomeranian and Mia is Anna’s Cavapoo. We don’t know what we would do with out our little sweethearts. Yes, they are a little sassy and have … Read More

What Pro Golfers Work On: Armana Update

Hey everyone! So this one will be similar to Anna’s “what pro golfers work on” from last month where I just kind of go through some of the things that I’m currently working on in my game. My tournament season … Read More

Practice Rounds Are So Important! Here’s Why.

Practice rounds are extremely important! Many don’t understand why and think they are a drag because they always take so long. But a practice round is important enough that they are built into the schedule for professional golfers. We all … Read More

Yardage Books and What Their Deal Is

Professional golfers are constantly walking around the course flipping open their yardage books. They are intently reading, analyzing and then shoving them back into their back pockets. If you’re big into research, you may have found pictures of a few … Read More

What’s In the Golf Bag – Mini Tour Edition

Ever been curious about what a pro golfer keeps in their golf bag? This is our version of “what’s in the bag” with our golf bags! We’d love to do these with other players in the future so for now … Read More

What Pro Golfers Work On: Anna Update

As we all know there is always room to improve. Pro golfers work on very specific things in their game every day. I wanted to share with you what I am personally working on now with my game. Yeah, pro … Read More