Workouts at home can include hikes right?

How We Work Out at Home When the Gym Isn’t an Option

Posted: January 22, 2019 by Armana Christianson

Even though we are professional golfers and have used trainers in the past, there are times when this just doesn’t always fit in with our schedule. Especially if we are traveling for tournaments! We need to be able to get our sweat on without having to find a gym. So how do we work out at home? It can be difficult to just pick and choose specific moves so we like to go a different route.

  • Barre – One of Armana’s favorite workouts is doing an at home barre workout. She uses Barre3, they have in-class options as well. But at home, you can use lightweights or no weight at all which makes it great for travel. You can also choose how long you want the class to be. One of the best things about this particular class is that they make a difficult workout with plenty of modification for injuries or if you just can’t do the full expression. It feels like they are talking straight to you!
  • Yoga – Instead of just working through a flow on our own, being guided can make you feel accomplished when it’s completed. We use the app Yoga Studio. It’s soothing and there are a variety of yoga flows to work your way through. This creates a great opportunity to stretch!
  • Tone It Up – This is an interesting workout app. We just recently started using this one but it’s definitely a great option so far! You can pull up workouts on demand, which is awesome since sometimes you never know when you’re going to be able to fit it in. But what has been really impressive is the different “classes” they have each day of the week that you can add to your schedule to join. You add it to your schedule and it creates that little push of “Well…I signed up to be there so I better go!”
  • Trainer Workouts – If you are working with a trainer at all, then they can sometimes give you exercises and programs to do on the road. It’s one of the great things about forming a connection with an individual trainer. They get to know you, your body and your goals and can help you customize!
  • Nature – This is not only fun but we find it necessary. It’s really important for us to get some fresh air and be outside, and not always on the golf course. Finding hiking trails whether they are our favorites around our homes or ones that are in a newly traveled to area, can be a great way to explore.

What are some of your favorite way to work out at home? Let us know in the comments! We’d love to give them a shot!

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