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Women’s Golf Ball Reviews

Posted: January 29, 2019 by Armana Christianson

Anna and I love when we get an email request for a new post, especially when someone wants help with something. This particular request asked us what the difference was between the women’s golf balls. And beyond that, why it was important for some people to use a women’s golf ball over a “men’s” golf ball. That’s a great question! The obvious answer isn’t always correct. Like I’m a woman, but I play the Callaway Chrome Soft X which is not marketed as a woman’s golf ball. 

I’ve been fitted for my golf ball. I know that it’s the one that works the best for me and my swing. Because I didn’t want to come up with any bias reviews, I actually asked my mom Pam to test the golf balls on a launch monitor! (Thanks Mom!) For reference, Pam is about a 12 handicap and plays from the forward tees. For this test she used an 8 iron. So let’s see what she said about the following golf balls and then what her numbers said.

We took launch monitor data of each women's golf ball that Pam tested.

Taylormade Women’s Golf Ball – TaylorMade Kalea

While hitting this golf ball, Pam said she felt that the ball “popped” off the club face quicker than some of the other golf balls. As far as how soft it felt, it was the softest out of all five golf ball brands she tried.

Her average backspin rpm was 3,100 with this ball, which was pretty middle of the road. The side spin average was a small draw, only -188 rpms, this was the second best side spin average. This all means that Pam was able to get the ball up in the air and her dispersion left and right was minimal. Her average carry distance was 116 yards with the height maxing out at 13 yards. For distance, this was the golf ball for Pam without at doubt.

Volvik Women’s Golf Ball – Volvik VividSoft

Pam’s impression of this golf ball was that it “feels heavy” and it doesn’t have the soft feeling on impact as some of the other golf balls do.

She had less backspin average on the ball at slightly under 3,000 rpms and a little more side spin at over 200 rpms. In general, this means for her that the ball heigh maxed out at 11 yards which isn’t her ideal height for greater distance. Her average distance with this ball was 101 yards and just slightly more dispersion to the right.

Wilson Women’s Golf Ball – Callaway DuoOptix

While testing out the Wilson golf ball, Pam felt that it was very comparable to the Callaway golf ball. That at impact, the compression felt soft. She also said that when she hit a mishit, it still felt like it was workable. That it felt like it wouldn’t ever turn out as a horrible result.

As far as the numbers go, they were more on par with the Volvik. The backspin average for this ball with Pam was at 2,700 rpms and a side spin of -200 rpms. This resulted in a 109 yard carry average with a 13 yard shot height. A little more carry average than the Volvik and more of a draw spin on the ball.

Callaway Women’s Golf Ball – Callaway Supersoft

Pam said that while hitting the Callaway golf ball there felt like there was a lot of compression, that it was very soft.

This golf ball had the highest backspin rpm out of all the golf balls that she tested. It had a 4,200 rpm! She still only had a 13 yard max height on the ball so it resulted in a 111 yard average distance for her. Amazingly though, she only had a -38 rpm side spin average. Almost no movement on the ball. As far as accuracy goes, this ball takes the cake.

Bridgestone Women’s Golf Ball – Bridgestone Golf Lady

Last but certainly not least, the Bridgestone golf ball. Pam said that when she hit this ball, that it was less firm than the Volvik. But she couldn’t feel the compression as much as some of the others.

It had a great backspin rate for her at 3,100 rpms but it had the largest dispersion. It was a 391 rpm average, resulting in a cut more often. This ball for her also had the lowest distance average at 96 yards.

What This Means For You

So what does all this stuff mean for you? It means that you should try out a some golf balls, if you can on a monitor. If you can’t, then just be out on the course! A golf ball can make a big difference in distance, shot height and potentially movement on the golf ball, all relating back to how you swing. For instance, Pam hits the TaylorMade ball the best. I actually hit my Callaway ball the best. It just takes time, practice and little research to find the absolute best fit for you.

Another part of the original question was why there are women’s golf balls and why there are men’s. What’s the difference between the two. In general, a women’s golf ball should be softer than a men’s golf ball. According to Trackman stats, the average male swing speed with a driver is 93.4, while a woman’s is 78. Because of this difference, having a softer ball while allow you to compress it easier and create the spin and height required to give you maximum distance.

It’s very similar to why you would play different clubs or shafts. It all comes down to the kind of swing you have, not really gender. My mom and I both play golf, but for my swing speed I need to play “men’s” clubs while my mom is better playing the “women’s” clubs.

I hope that this review and test has shed some light on the options out there for women and why they’re there! Feel free to comment and let us know what you think or how your own testing goes. Have fun and good luck!

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