Feeling unmotivated? Try these tricks out!

Feeling Unmotivated? Try these 7 tips to get sh*t done!

Posted: January 1, 2019 by Armana Christianson

There are times and days when I just don’t want to do anything. It happens! I don’t really get down on myself for it. Usually I recognize that the reason it happens is because I may be tired, overworked or uninspired. But I have to do something to get me out of this funk! So what do I do?

Here are some tips to help you get sh*t done and over feeling unmotivated:
  1. Think positively. One of the reasons you could be unmotivated to get  something accomplished or work on something is your negative  thoughts. Negative thoughts will make anything you do just that much harder! If you need some help on positive thinking, check out one of our previous posts about it.
  2. Get your body moving. Sometimes you just need to get your body going to get your mind going. Start sweating! I know that I always feel better when I can force myself to get on a bike or do a 15 minute at-home barre workout. It get’s my body moving, releasing those happy endorphins making me feel like I can start to get things done.
  3. Make a check list. This is my favorite thing to do. Ever. I have been making checklists since I was in elementary school. For me, it’s just easier to see what I need to accomplish. And if you need a little help starting your checklist, try putting things on the list that you’ve already completed! Did you make breakfast this morning? Did you get up when your alarm went off? How about taking your dog for a walk? Now that’s a little trick from Michael Scott and The Office!
  4. Step away from social media. This can be a huge help. Sometimes we just get into a funk and we turn to social media to further take us down the unmotivated rabbit hole. You just keep scrolling and scrolling and scrolling. Stop! Put down the phone. Close out your Facebook tab so you aren’t tempting yourself. Stop Pinning things on Pinterest. And definitely step away from the black hole that is Twitter.
  5. Spurts of focused work. Some days it can be just the hardest thing to get stuff done. I know. So instead of either getting nothing done or feeling miserable trying to get something done the whole day, work in spurts. Give yourself 15-20 minutes and try to finish a small task. And then take 15 minutes and do nothing. Not the best thing ever, but at the end of the day you probably won’t feel like you got nothing done.
  6. Get excited about your goal! Start getting excited about your goal. Whether it’s a fitness goal, work goal, relationship goal…the daily work can be a grind. But be excited about the potential of the end result. Give yourself some time to day dream about it, envision your accomplishment.
  7. Consider sharing your goal. Something that we’ve found has been extremely helpful is putting your goals out into the world. Not only do you hold yourself accountable but you are able to have your family or friends keep you to it as well. Even if it just means someone asks you how it’s going every once in a while. This can completely change your mindset!

How do you get yourself out of a funk? Let me know below! Maybe I could try it out!

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