A clear purse is a must-have when attending a pro sporting event anymore!

A Clear Purse is Your New Must-Have This Golf Season

Posted: January 8, 2019 by Anna DePalma

Are you looking for a new clear purse that is stylish and approved for all those sporting events? Including PGA Tournament! Do you even know what is and isn’t allowed anymore? You won’t have to worry again about your purse not making it through security because of Capri Bags! Let me tell you about my favorite brand of clear bags. Capri Bags are cute, affordable and approved.

No matter what size of bag you are looking for, they have it! From a backpack, to tote bag to that small perfect little clutch. Capri bags have different sizes, shapes, colors and styles to fit everyone’s swag. 

With all of the new bag rules knowing that you have something super cute and will make it past security is a must! 

I personally have four. The Half Moon Crossbody (my favorite), University of Iowa small crossbody in black Hawkeye, black Clearly Fashion Carryall Tote and black Hinge Top backpack. Capri bags can put your favorite college team logo on them. They even have all of your favorite team colors and is extremely cute! It’s a win-win! These bags are great for game days and day-day activities. The gold Half Moon is my go to purse! I have been traveling with the backpack and using the gold purse as my every day purse. They are simple and go with everything. This bag is going to make you want to go to more sporting events just to rock your cute purse!

Capri Bags is a family run business and they give back to their community! They design their bags to be functional with fashion in mind. With quality materials for a bag that will last and a variety of deigns that are at a price meet all their customers needs. Get your Capri bag now! You will not regret it! 

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