I do things for me, not for you and that's important.

I Want to Be Happy, So I Do Things For Me

Posted: December 11, 2018 by Anna DePalma

I am not ashamed to say I do things for me. For example, I feel better after I workout. I feel more attractive when I am tan. I’m all for the no makeup look but I wear makeup when I want to. I want to be happy and those things make me happy.

I also get help with my wrinkles and lines, I have strong facial muscles. That’s something that I do for me. It makes me feel more confident in my own skin and personally, I feel better when I don’t have deep lines in my face. I have been getting botox for 2 years now and I love it. I’m not addicted and only go when needed, so about every 4-6 months. I go to Seaside Skin Care in San Clemente, California and I would recommend them to anyone! They make me feel comfortable, I know they’re not going to go overboard and they talk me through everything. Something that is very important to me so I know what’s happening and feel safe. It’s a very homey feeling there and everyone is beyond kind! 

Being comfortable in your own skin is the best way to live and if you need some help that is okay. If you need some extra motivation to get to the gym and you need a trainer, that’s okay. If you are getting older and you decide you want to up your skincare game or some TLC skin care treatments, that’s okay! Let’s say you don’t tan easily and like to have some color on your skin and you use self tanner, that’s all ok! If doing those things are going to make you feel better, then that’s what matters.

My brother gets so upset when we talk about botox. He tells me, “Anna, you are so beautiful, you don’t need it.” I have to explain to him that I do it for me, that this is something that makes me feel pretty. I feel refreshed, more confident and happier when I do things for me.

Ask yourself a question, when was the last time you did something for you? Something that just made you feel better about yourself.

I want to be happy and botox makes me feel confident!
I want to be happy and having my lips done made me feel more confident!

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