A group photo of Girls Golf of Phoenix at The Golden Tees.

Girls Golf of Phoenix, The Golden Tees

Posted: December 18, 2018 by Armana Christianson

Girls golf programs are something that Anna and I feel are extremely important. Those programs are essential in creating a positive environment for girls and learning to love golf! That’s why I was so excited to be a part of the Girls Golf of Phoenix on a few occasions in 2018. Most recently I was at The Golden Tees event!

Fun Stat: This is Girls Golf of Phoenix’s 4th annual red-carpet celebration and the 3rd year at Studio Movie Grill. They had 120 #girlsgolffamily in attendance. 

The Red Carpet at The Golden Tees from the Girls Golf of Phoenix program.
That’s me sitting in the black dress!

 The Golden Tees is the Girls Golf of Phoenix’s year end celebration and awards party. And it was all of those things! Cori Matheson, the director of Girls Golf of Phoenix, is one of the sweetest, most vibrant people I’ve ever met. She is made for this job! The Golden Tees truly was all about making these young girls feel special and supported in the golf community.

I asked Cori what makes The Golden Tees so special, “This event is so special to the girls and I – it is definitely something I look forward to every year. The Golden Tees (awards celebration) is a wonderful opportunity for us to showcase the year, share plans for the next year and honor some of the girls with awards based on their achievements/involvements. We always have special partners and supporters in attendance that get to witness the girls and I in action!!! The girls really feel like celebrities with a red carpet entrance, interviews and wearing their best party attire.” 

After the girls arrived they received a cute necklace after checking in (with me!). Then they could walk the red carpet! There was a great backdrop, lighting and a professional photographer there to take photos of the girls. They were also being interviewed by other volunteers. And those volunteers were Cheyenne Woods and Sarah Schmelzel! How fun!

After the red carpet, the girls and their families were led to the theater where we had dinner and the awards ceremony.

There was a great slideshow of the entire year, with every girl in it and an announcement about next year’s events! It was truly awesome to not only see all of the girls enjoying their night but their parents too.

This was one of Cori’s favorite parts of the night. “One of my favorite things about The Golden Tees is the 15 minute video (movie) that my husband helps me make. We organized about 300 photos of the years events to inspirational music – we all love to see ourselves on the big screen! The girls ooh and ah and giggle with joy as the pictures highlight the fun we had! It always makes me so proud!”

Cori does an amazing job of making all the girls feel included while still acknowledging a handful. The nominee gifts were flamingo lights and the winner received gold flamingo trophy!

I had to ask Cori what the meaning behind the flamingo is. “In 2016, one of my goals was to make a local Girls Golf Mascot. I did a ton of research on spirit animals, Amina behavior and meanings associated with animals. The Flamingo was the perfect fit: they are pink, bold, balanced and are mostly found in flocks or large groups. We are all these things at Girls Golf so I dubbed The Flamingo our mascot – She is #PhoenixtheFlamingo and I use nods to her throughout the year. A Golden Flamingo was so perfect for our custom made (Oscar like) trophies for our annual awards.” 

All of these young ladies were so excited and happy for reach other when the award nominees and winners were announced. 

We want to go ahead and recognize the winners of these incredible awards from Girls Golf of Phoenix. 

  • Enrich Award – Alexis Vakasiuola
  • Engage Award – Olivia Florence
  • Energize Award – Adriana Sanders
  • Empower Award – Kendall Hayward
  • Rookie of the Year – Hannah Nguyen
  • Character Award – Madalyn Gubernick

After all of the awards, Cori talked about all of the amazing events coming up at the beginning of new year. Including…2019 being the 30th anniversary of the Girls Golf of Phoenix! How exciting!!

Events like the Golden Tees are so important. The program, Cori and her incredible family that volunteer all do an unbelievable job all year long. I couldn’t be more excited for the program next year and being able to participate in more of their events!

For more information on the Girls Golf of Phoenix check out their following links:

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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