We're excited to share our new year's resolutions and goals for 2019!

2019 New Year’s Resolutions for Self and Career Improvement

Posted: December 25, 2018 by Armana Christianson

This was one of our first posts last year after we had our blog launch! As you know, so much can change in one year. We think it’s important to look back at our previous resolutions and goals. We want to evaluate where we came from, what our current situation looks like and make adjustments! So below, we’re each going to evaluate how we felt our resolutions and goals went in 2018 and what lay out the resolutions we plan on for 2019.


In general, I’m happy with how my goals and resolutions held up in 2018. I did feel like I spent more time focusing on personal experience rather than buying physical items. In fact, I’ve donated and sold probably 3/4 of my closet!I did not do a great job keeping up with reading, this was disappointing for me. My workouts in general were better this year, I did have weeks where I was thrown off by life but I always came back to it so I think sometimes that’s just the best we can do!

On to my golf goals and resolutions. I didn’t win a tournament this year, but I can’t control the field so I may have to adjust this for next year. I absolutely kept better stats this year. This was a huge win for me, I know exactly where I’m at and what I need to be improving and working. I not only competed the Vision54 course but I started working with a mental coach as well! My last goal was to improve my Symetra status. While I didn’t make it through to the second stage this year, I did improve my status, so technically this goal is complete but not to my satisfaction.

Here are my resolutions and goals for 2019:
  • Work on trying to read a book a few days a week
  • Learn to spend more time meditating
  • Have a more consistent social media schedule. Meaning, there’s a time when I turn off the phone and not allow it to interfere with my evening or during meals.
  • Share more of my experiences, struggles, feelings through blog posts
  • Provide you all with more content to read and watch, that you enjoy and can learn from!


I can’t believe that 2019 is already here! Overall, I am happy with what I have achieved this year. My main goal was to be more present which I have gotten better at. I am going to continue to work on it though. It’s so nice to really spend time with others without being consumed with my phone. I have been so much happier letting the past go and trying to finding positives in every situation. By setting that goal last year I can tell you my life has improved. The Law of Attraction is so important! In regard to wanting to read more, I have read more but not as much as I’d like.

As for golf, I have gotten stronger and I am hitting the ball farther, which is so exciting to see improvement. Hard work does pay off. My mental game has made an improvement. I truly do believe that goes along with finding positives in life and letting the past go (bad shots, fear or a hard shot). I did not win a tournament but my time will come with hard work and determination! Going through injures and low points are never fun but I know with the right mindset I will be able to get back on the right track to achieve my goals and dreams!

Here are my resolutions and goals for 2019:

  • Being more present. This means not always capturing moments on my phone. Knowing when to turn off my phone and just enjoy the company of who I am with and what I am doing.
  • Get 100% healthy. Continue to strengthen my body!
  • Inspire more people to pick up the game of golf and learn to love themselves for who they are.
  • Take up a new hobby, specifically dance.
  • Open up more about my life, struggles and achievements. Try to be more vulnerable and  let people know it’s okay to be vulnerable with me.


What are your goals or resolutions for the new year? Let us know! We’d love to hear them.


  • Christopher James December 26, 2018 at 9:49 am

    Happy Holidays to both of you! My 2019 resolution is to play more golf as a family. My six year old started playing this year and loved it. Her 3 year old sister started coming out with us and putted on the greens. Golf has become our time away from all the hustle bustle and electronics. Look forward to a new year of sharing time with my family.

    • Armana Christianson December 26, 2018 at 10:24 am

      That’s an amazing resolution Christopher! We love that your young daughters want to be on the golf course. Have fun and enjoy the moments!


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