After working with a swing coach, Anna is able to work through her swing on the golf course.

Working with a swing coach is a must!

Posted: November 15, 2018 by Anna DePalma

I have been working with a swing coach since I was a sophomore in high school. Finding a good swing coach can be difficult and expensive but is totally worth it; especially if you are serious about playing. After you read through this post, go check out our other post about the 3 characteristics we think make a great instructor.

In my personal experience, I went through a slew of coaches, always trying to change my swing completely. That was until I met my now Coach Mike Wilson. He is the first coach that has just been fine tuning my mechanics instead of trying to change everything. Now don’t get me wrong, change is good and a necessity but if you have a good foundation, work with what you have.

I am extremely lucky to have found Mike. It’s even better that he works with my mental coach. I am able to incorporate what I do with Jeff (my mental coach) into my swing lessons and vice vera. Having a swing coach can teach you a lot, they will teach you everything you need to know about your swing. It’s the best feeling when you know exactly what’s going on, especially if something may be going wrong.

If you learn your tendencies you won’t go into panic mode when things aren’t working. You will be able to have a couple things to fall back on that could be causing the errors. You’ll be able to go to the range and work on drills your coach has left you with. Now it’s even better because all of my lessons are on an app so I can access all my lessons on my phone!

What a Lesson Looks Like

My lessons are like a sequence. We discuss what needs to be tuned up and we break it down. Coach Wilson works with me on one thing at a time. For example, my takeaway. We worked on certain aspects of my takeaway and got that down so it felt automatic before we started working on my downswing. When my swing was looking great and feeling great we shifted the focus on to my routine and learning to practice it on the range. We also like to incorporate the mental aspect of the game and do playing lessons working on connecting everything.

Golf is not a game of perfect, it’s a game of patience. You also need to keep in mind that changes are not made over night. They take time and dedication. You need to have 100% trust in you’re working with a swing coach and truly trust the process! Are you working with a swing coach? Let me know in the comments how it’s going!

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