Armana goes through what to do when she's approached on the driving range.

What to Do If You’re Approached on the Driving Range

Posted: November 27, 2018 by Armana Christianson

Okay ladies, if this hasn’t happened to you yet, consider yourself lucky! You’re spending a nice afternoon on the driving range, working on your game, minding your own business. When all of a sudden there’s a guy standing 2 feet away from you letting you know that the training aid tool you’re using isn’t going to work to fix whatever they think you’re working on. And you didn’t ask or want his advice. I have a few options on what to do in this situation.

I can’t even count (can’t even count!) how many times this is happened to me over the years. And I know that Anna has had this happen to her as well. Fortunately, we’ve been playing long enough and have enough confidence in our golf games and the knowledge we have about what we’re working on, that we usually come back with some kind of retort. Here’s the thing though, I try to do it without being rude or “off-putting.” Why? Well, you just never know who you’re talking to. For us, anyone we meet on the golf course could lead to a sponsor or a good business contact.

It is a little bit of a double standard, that a guy has assumed that we have no idea what we’re doing or what we’re working on. Yet, we’re the ones who try to still remain pleasant. That’s just a route we’ve taken I guess. Higher road? We like to think so. And I know that this has definitely happened to guys as well but for the sake of this post, we’re talking to the ladies. Why? To be honest, we think it happens way more often to us. Women are seen as more approachable and since golf is a male dominated sport, we’re just not seen as knowledgable about the game unless we’re on TV.

So! What to do when someone has approached you on the driving range? And you really don’t want them to? Here are some of the things I’ve done:
  • Have headphones in. This is probably the simplest one. You can literally pretend like you didn’t hear them at all! It’s pretty great. Now if they have now approached you to the point where they are in your “bubble” and you can’t swing…the headphones have failed. On to the next idea.
  • A polite “Thank you.” Not my favorite option as it sounds like you actually appreciate what they’ve just done but it is an option. You can allow them to finish what they’re saying and respond with an easy, “thank you for that I’ll keep that in mind” and be on your way.
  • I have a coach. This is probably higher on my list of go-to’s. Whatever they have just said regarding your game, a simple reply of “I have a swing coach that I’m working with so I’m going to work on what we’ve been working.” It’s so hard to have a back and forth with this kind of reply, but it does happen.
  • Blunt and honest. There is always this approach, which is pretty great if I do say so myself. If there’s a guy that has continued to approach me, I have to be a little bit more straight forward. “I’m currently working on something, I know exactly what I’m doing and I don’t need you to interject. If you could please leave me alone as I didn’t ask for your help, that would be great. Thanks.” Not much to say after that one!

Let’s hear your some awkward driving range stories! Let us know in the comments.

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