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Posted: October 5, 2018 by Anna DePalma

“The grass is always greener on social media”

I want everyone to know that everything you see on social media is not what you think. It’s all about perspective. Pictures may be edited, posts could be old and their highlights are going to be showcased. No one out there is going to be posting about all of their struggles. Everyone is going through life with different battles. With our generation it is as if everyone posts everything on social media but it’s hardly negative.

It is hard to open up completely on social media and be vulnerable because of the possible response. I am guilty of it. I don’t sit there posting about when I am not having the best day, injured or when something just isn’t going the way I want. Yes, not being perfect makes us human but it’s hard to remember that all the time. It’s hard to post about something that happened with out someone else out there making you feel worse. Also, a lot of people don’t always want to see someones struggles because it could come off wrong.

No one is perfect…

In the last year, we’ve made sure to take time off from social media when we need to take time off. Armana just recently took about a week off from posting for family reasons. Stuff like that just happens and we’re learning that it’s totally okay to log off for a while and focus on ourselves or our family and friends IRL.

I want everyone to remember especially young girls, no one is perfect. Everyone is fighting a different battle and it is okay to be vulnerable. Your entire life does not need to be showcased on social media, leave a little of a mystery. Take a break, set your phone down and enjoy the company around you. Everything you see isn’t necessarily what is. Someone might showcase how amazing everything in their life is but there is so much more that goes on behind the scenes. Remember to be grateful for what you have instead of obsessing with what you don’t have.

When we first started sharing on social media, it didn’t feel as if we were under a microscope as much. We can look back at some of our first posts and they truly are just posts about our whole life. Eventually, as social media grew and it felt like it became an integral part of our golf careers our social media content changed as well. In order to continue to grow our following we had to make sure we had good content that our followers wanted to see. We learned through likes and messages which content works best and that’s where we stay. For instance, did you know Armana is married? Yup! But posts with him just don’t do as well and she chooses to keep her personal more life private.

Just Be You

And as far as editing or altering our photos…we used to never consider it! It never came into our minds. The only reason it crosses our minds now is when we receive a comment or message now and again. Try as we might, words can still affect us. Good news is, even if we lighten up our photos or put some filters on them, you will still recognize us in public!

It really comes down to just be you and only you. Don’t try and devote your life trying to be someone else! Be proud of who you are and obstacles that you have over come! And try to not get so consumed in what you see on social media and instead remind yourself of who you are and what a blessing that is!

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