Wondering what tees should you play from? The correct ones!

What tees should you play from? The correct ones!

Posted: September 5, 2018 by Anna DePalma

From experience, playing from a distance that is just too long is extremely hard, especially when you are a beginner. It’s not only not as much fun but it will hold up everyone behind you. There are so many people who play from the wrong yardage (YES MEN, I AM TALKING TO YOU). Playing from the wrong yardage doesn’t only affect you, it affects everyone else around you! No one likes slow play! So what tees should you play from? It depends! And not on your gender.

If you can play 18 holes and use each club at least once, then you played from the right distance! When I grew up learning the game I started from the 200 yard marker; gradually moving back as my game got better and I started to hit the ball farther.

Tip for my junior golfers out there or parents of junior golfers:

When you take your kids out to play make their own tee box. Ie. 150 yards working your way back. They will be able to actually learn the game and learn how to score.

Golf can be very discouraging! So start playing from a yardage that is right for your game and work your way back. Being able to actually learn the game, course management and keeping up with the group in-front of you is important. It is nearly impossible to do that if you are playing from a yardage that is too long. Stop comparing yourself to others, play your game! That is a good tip for golf in general, everyone plays differently.

I personally think the red tees/forward tees need to be classified as the FORWARD tees not the WOMEN’S tees. There are a lot of men that should be playing from there and that’s OK! In society today, everyone is so worried what other people think and say, dictating what is acceptable. It is ok to play from the right yardage for your game. Let’s be real, playing for the right yardage is going to not only make you a HAPPIER golfer but will make everyone playing behind you HAPPY. Another method to figuring out what tees you should play from is taking your (honest) 5-iron distance and multiply it by 36. Then pick the yardage on the card that is around the yardage of that answer.

Now I understand playing from different distances and once your game is there, then you can decide. I play from the forward tees when I really want to work on controlling my shots and short game. The course changes from every yardage. Playing from a long yardage can help you get better with those longer clubs. But truly be honest with yourself and your game before you decide to do that!

Play for the yardage that is meant for your game, no one else’s. And have fun learning and enjoying the game of golf!

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