It's important to keep your golf stats to see where you need improvement!

Keeping Golf Stats for Game Improvement

Posted: September 12, 2018 by Armana Christianson

It’s a common theme among golfers, right? We all want improvement. We want to have a better swing, better short game, make more putts. So we practice. We go to the range…a lot. But is it really helping us? Are you seeing the results you want? I think in order to see results and movement forward, you need to know where you’re starting. This means you need to start keeping track of your golf stats. Different stats will teach you different things about your game.

Putting Golf Stats

When you are out on the course, a lot of people will keep track of the number of putts they have. Great start! Are you looking for a certain number of putts? Did you know this number can change depending on how many greens in regulation you are hitting? In college, I picked up this little trick. Take the number of greens you hit, multiply by 2. Now take the number of greens you did not hit. Add those 2 numbers together. For example, if I hit 12 GIR. My first number is 24. My second number is 6. Total is 30. This means, if you two putted every green you hit in regulation and got up-and-down on every green you missed, you would need a max 30 putts to shoot par.

The next thing you can keep track of is the length of your first putt in feet. This can tell you if you’re being accurate with your approach shots or if you need to work on your dispersion. It can also tell you if there is a certain number of feet where you make less putts or even if you consistently 3 putt from a certain distance.

Approach Golf Stats

The putting stat can really help you determine if you need to work on accuracy. But the other half of that is making sure you write down what distance you were approaching the green from. There was a time, that for whatever reason, I was having a difficult time hitting the green from 150-175 yards. Knowing this though, I was able to work on that yardage and improve that stat.

Driving Golf Stats

So you keep track of whether or not you hit the fairway. Maybe also keep track of your miss and which direction it was. This can give you insight into a consistent miss and what you may need to speak with your swing instructor about. Are your misses bad enough that you don’t have a shot? Are they just off the fairway? These are all things you want to know if you need to work on something specific!

As you can see, there are lots of things that you can pay attention to to try to improve your game. My suggestion would be to start small. Maybe pick one section that you really want to zero in on. Otherwise, trying to look at your entire game like this all at once can be overwhelming. Is there something that you’re going to start focusing on in your game and keeping stats for? Let me know in the comments!

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