A great way to get your daughter interested in golf is to attend LPGA Girls Golf events!

How to get your daughter interested in golf!

Posted: September 3, 2018 by Armana Christianson

Since we are out on the course every day, whether it’s playing, practicing, competing or participating in events, we often get the question from parents, “How do I get my daughter interested in golf?” They go on to explain that they bring them to the range and their girls just don’t seem that interested. But they know that it is an important thing for their daughter to learn.

So here is what we tell everyone that asks us about how to get their daughter interested in golf when we’re out.
  • Find a junior program for her to be a part of. Whether it’s a junior golf instructor like our Golfer We Love Michelle Holmes or through something like a local The First Tee organization. The Girls Golf of Phoenix organization has one I’ve volunteered at. They have such fun events for junior girl golfers! The perfect environment to learn to love golf. They should have a chapter in most states! To find a Girls Golf location near you, search here. Being a part of a group when learning to golf can take the pressure and intensity off! In most cases they learn golf in a fun environment with games, prizes and get to hang out with potential friends that all have a similar interest.
  • Keep it fun! Honestly, this is one of the most important things in our opinion. If it gets too serious, too intense or too competitive before they’re ready, your girl won’t want to play. It really has to be on their terms when it comes to how focused they want to become with the game. When you take your daughter to the range just make up some games! Or let her show you some she learned at the junior programs. Create a fun incentive. We remember things like getting a Jolly Rancher for making a 2 putt from chosen locations. Or using rings to hit through as a fun target!
  • Make sure they have the tools to make golf a great learning process. Whether they are small or maybe heading into high school, your daughter needs to have proper equipment. Equipment that fits her height and golf posture in order for there to be true feelings of improvement. As a student if you feel you are improving, the chances of you wanting to continue your progress is much greater! Just from personal experience.

It’s not super difficult. There’s no reason to jump into tournament mode. Just make sure they are having fun first! And then if your daughter is looking to compete then there’s so many opportunities for her to do so! How are you getting your daughter interested in golf? Let us know in the comments below!

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