Here is a day in the life of a mini tour golfer!

Day in the Life of a Mini-Tour Golfer’s Non-Tournament Day

Posted: August 6, 2018 by Armana Christianson

We have both done our fair share of interviews for a variety of reasons. One question that usually comes up is, “What does a normal day look like for you?” Why is this so interesting? Because we make our own schedules and we play a sport! We get it. That’s why when Tiger’s daily schedule was released years ago, everyone went crazy over how intense it was. To be clear, he’s recently said that his schedule looks nothing like that anymore. But back to us! So what does a day in the life of a mini tour golfer look like? Let’s dive right in.

Armana’s Day in the Life Daily (Non-Tournament Day) Schedule

6:30am – Alarm goes off! I make sure I have a really soothing alarm clock noise so I’m not irritated that I’ve set my alarm. I get up, make some tea and get my workout clothes on.

7:00am –  My workout either consists of a barre/pilates workout or I’m going to a cycling class. I usually switch off days. I get to work my small muscles and then I also get some cardio training.

8:30am – Breakfast time! I go through phases with what I like to eat. I’m kind of on a whole wheat english muffin kick. Peanut butter on top, chia seeds and strawberries.

9am – I’ve got a couple hours of work a head of me! I have a couple side jobs that I work remotely. So I run social media accounts for a business as well as working on Graceful Golfer. To keep it all straight, I have a planner with a checklist of items I want to get done for the day. This is also my time to work on any mental game homework, write my letters for sponsors or sponsor exemptions and respond to inquiries.

11:30am – Lunch time already!

12:30pm – I’m off to the course. I may change up where I go depending on what I want to work on. I may work on the driving range for half the time and then my chipping for half. Or I’ll spend 2/3 time chipping and putting and do a shorter range session. In any case, I’m generally at the course for 3-5 hours. And I may even flip the time I practice if I choose to get an early morning round of golf in.

5:30pm – Dinner time! My whole day revolves around when my next meal is. What can I say, I like food!

The evening is usually my time to unwind. I’ll hang out and watch TV shows or movies with my husband or family. Even then, I may take out my computer ad may write a new draft post or respond to emails. I’m basically always working, something I think you could say about any day in the life of a mini tour golfer.

Anna’s Day in the Life Daily (Non-Tournament Day) Schedule

5:30AM- TIME TO GET UP! Like Armana my alarm is soothing so it doesn’t scare me out of my sleep. I also am an early bird so getting up early is what I like. I feel if I sleep too late I miss out on the day! Make coffee!

6:30AM- I love having the first tee time out so I can play quick and beat the heat! If I don’t play I will practice. It is amazing in the morning so peaceful and not blazing hot!


9:30AM- Time for the gym or whatever physical activity I have planned for the day (hike, yoga, pilates, cycling- I love trying new things)  It is important to stay active even if it is for 30 minutes a day!

10:30AM- This is when I like to have a cup of coffee or some Iced Tea and do my emails and blog. I have a couple side jobs like Armana so this is my time for me to get what I need to get done.


1PM- BACK to work. This is when I finish up what I haven’t finished if it is too hot to go back out to play and or practice more.This is my time to work in the mirror, really being able to see my swing as well as work on the mental game.

4PM- Typically it has started to cool off by now so I go back out to work on what I need to work on from this morning.

7PM- Dinner time and hang with the family! I am a huge family person so when we are together it is family time!

9PM- Time for bed! I am a total grandma and crash early!

Armana and I are a lot alike with revolving our days around food but hey, we deserve it! My schedule does change depending on where I am and what I have to get done. Waking up early, being active and doing something that will help my golf career never changes no matter where I am. I truly live by if you get 1% better every day that in 100 days you will be 100% better – Jeff Troesch. You can read more mental game tips in my other post here. Staying busy is a must for me!

We hope this gives you a better idea of what a day in the life of a mini-tour player looks like! Have questions for us? Let us know in the comments below!

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