Changing the Way You Think Can Give You Power

Posted: August 29, 2018 by Anna DePalma

Golf is an amazing sport, but most importantly a game that teaches you life lessons. As we have talked about in other posts, golf has taught us lessons that we incorporate on and off the course. I wanted to touch on a key aspect I work on living by every day: “Changing the way you think!”

This means finding the positive lessons and not getting upset at the uncontrollable. You need to truly be at peace with whatever happens good or bad. If you do not like the outcome, learn from it. Work on yourself, work to always be a better person and more at peace with whatever may happen. If you are able to say you did everything you could do to be at peace with it, then the LAW OF ATTRACTION comes in to play. The Law of Attraction believes that the energy you put out into the world, is what will come back to you. Put out positive, receive positive!

Changing the way you think in golf example:

If you have perfect preparation and commit to your shot, you can not be upset if the result is not what you wanted. You did everything you possibly could to execute the shot. If you hit a bad shot, recover from it and let it go. You can’t control the weather, the group in front of you or the condition of the course! Remember, everyone is playing the same conditions so you have to learn to accept it and focus on what you can control. Things like your tempo or pre-shot routine. Focus on your mind and how you’re thinking.

At the end of your round, think about all the great shots you accomplished instead of just focusing on all the negative. Yes, you need to evaluate the shots that you did not execute well but don’t dwell on them. Accept that there are things you need to work on and make a plan to practice and improve. Only you can control that!

When you get up to your shot, focus on where you want to hit the ball, not where you don’t want to hit it. Focus on the shot you want to hit; don’t think about the water or the hazard that could come into play. Know your bail out. When I get to my shot, I am focusing on my target and swing thought and that’s it! I like to hear myself breathe and feel like I can relax. This is all changing the way you think!

Changing the way you think in life example:

You are not going to agree with what everyone does or their views. Understanding that everyone is different and it is their life to live not yours. What other people do or say is out of your control. Let people handle their business and you do you. Be grateful for life and the opportunities that GOD/Universe/Family etc. (whatever you may believe in) has given you!

You can’t complain about something you are not willing to change. You can’t make anyone do something. If you want something in your life to change, you need to change the way you are viewing your life. Change the way you are thinking. Give yourself a new perspective and watch how you life will begin to change. And if you can do something about your struggle or problem to improve it, then make a plan to do it!

This is all a way of life and how you think. If you are always dwelling on the negative, you will never be able to grow; you will just be stuck. Life is hard, we all know that. Nothing is life is free or deserved. You have to work for what you want! Change what you do not like, and be a better version of yourself!

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