The Jazzy Golfer is this week's Golfers We Love interview!

Golfers We Love – The Jazzy Golfer

Posted: July 19, 2018 by Armana Christianson

Welcome to our series Golfers We Love. Where we interview women who love the game of golf. Whether they play professionally, work in the industry or just love to play occasionally, we want to share their stories with you!

This week, we’d like to introduce you to a woman that is making a huge splash in golf across the seas working to improve her own game and inspire others, The Jazzy Golfer!

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Name: Jasmine aka The Jazzy Golfer

Career/Job: Financial Services Consultant when I’m not doing all things ‘Jazzy Golfer’

First, thank you so much for answering some questions with us!

Anytime, thank you for involving me in this great initiative!

To start off, when did you start playing golf and how did you get into it?

14 months ago now. I was on a family holiday in Portugal at Monte Rei Golf Course. I got to a point where I was fed up of driving the buggy around and watching everyone else play golf so I was told to have a go at it. Being a hockey player I thought ‘How hard could this be?’ and I hit it straight into the water. I carried on for a few more holes and hit one great shot and from that moment, I got ‘the bug’!

That’s so awesome. We love to know that women are picking up the game at any age. What’s something that golf does for you?

It really does test me sometimes which can be incredibly frustrating however, both the support I receive on social media and the satisfaction of working hard in my spare time to get better at golf and seeing the results, makes me incredibly happy and grateful. I have also become a ‘voice in the industry’ of womens golf and the more the ‘status quo’ and injustices in golf are challenged, the more progress is actually being made to making the sport a more fairer and inclusive environment for all which is simply excellent and so satisfying.

The Jazzy Golfer is this week's Golfers We Love

We have really enjoyed following your journey and the amazing things you’ve been doing for women in the game. Do you have anything you’d like to accomplish with your golf?

Apart from getting better at golf, I’m extremely passionate about making a real, tangible difference to the current golfing environment in the U.K and beyond. Apart from challenging the current, non inclusive golfing environment and rectifying that, I’d love to show as many people as possible that it’s a really fun and enjoyable sport for all.

Those are great goals to aspire to. You have a great social media presence that really promotes the growth of golf among women. How did this become a passion for you?

I decided a few months after the holiday in Monte Rei that I wanted to get into golf properly and really dedicate time toward getting to good standard. So… I went onto social media for inspiration to see if there was anyone in my ‘millenial’ age bracket that had recently taken up the sport and was promoting women’s golf, only to find that there wasn’t anyone. This was coupled with personal experiences of being in golf clubs and having many sexist comments made and just made to feel like an outsider.

So I decided to start an instagram page documenting my golfing journey in the hope that other women and girls could see it and want to give it a go or at least show them that golf isn’t just for wealthy, retired men! From there my social media following has grown quite substantially and the reception has been so positive – I’m really grateful for all the support.

What would you tell someone to convince them they should play golf if they were considering it?

Well, as the saying goes ‘Don’t knock it ti’ you’ve tried it’ so I’d tell them to have a look at my instagram for videos for evidence that golf is so much fun and tell them to join me and a few friends at TopGolf as a starter and introduction into the sport.

If they enjoyed it (which I’m confident they would) I’d probably recommend that they have an individual lesson or two or go to group learning sessions that many golf clubs or institutions hold to ensure they have the basics right and to get a feel for the sport. Group sessions can be really helpful as its a more comfortable learning environment where everyone is in the same position and it’s also a great way to make friends!

Golf clubs have a perception of ‘elitism’ and can sometimes be unwelcoming to beginners so I think group sessions is a great way to break through that barrier. I’d also probably introduce them to a few of my friends or people I know who play golf to take them under their wing and support them through their golfing journey.

We love TopGolf is an introduction for new golfers! It’s like a soft intro. And we completely agree about taking lessons. Great advice! What’s been your most memorable experiences thus far in your golf journey?

My top 3 would be,

  1. The Nike Golf day where I had to hit a golf ball at a target in front of Rory Mcilroy and Jason Day after having played golf for 4 months
  2. The recent interview on the BBC Golf Podcast
  3. Filming with some incredibly talented young women golfers for my new YouTube series

The Jazzy Golfer is this week's Golfers We Love

We loved seeing your photos from Nike Golf Day! That was so amazing. And we’ll link the podcast interview in the post! (It’s a clickable link above) Okay…now for some off-topic questions! Let’s get to know you a little more.

You’re a new addition to the crayon box. What color would you be and why?

Emerald green because it’s my favourite colour.

Stunning color! If you could only choose one song to play every time you walked into a room, what would it be?

Tough question, I’m really not sure! However, I’m pretty sure my golfing anthem would be either ‘Under the sea’ or ‘In the jungle’ as my ball seems to constantly find the water or the trees!

Aha! Great sense of humor. Love that so much. So besides your new found love of golf, what’s another hobby of yours?

Difficult to choose so I’ve gone for 2 –

  1. Languages – I absolutely love languages and I speak a few at varying different levels of competency (French, Spanish, German). Hoping to pick up another when I get some more free time!
  2. Harry Potter and Marvel films- Many of my followers will know I’m a massive Harry Potter fan and have quite a few pieces of HP memorabilia around the house. I’m also a huge fan of all Marvel Comics and films.

Well that’s incredible that you can speak several languages! And we are totally on board with your Harry Potter fandom. We’ve definitely reached out to you about this before! Okay so if you could have any guilty-pleasure food right now, what would it be?


Oh my, yes! Now, what are some small things that make your day better?

Strawberry laces, Tangfastics, music, a good box set, a cuddle is always good too!

Sounds perfect to us! Last but certainly not least, what’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

Don’t count your blessings, make your blessings count!

Love that advice! Thank you for sharing that!

Thank you to Jasmine of The Jazzy Golfer for interviewing with Graceful Golfer! How inspirational is she everyone?! If you have any questions that you’d like for us to ask future interviewees or even have a request for an interviewee, comment below and let us know!

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