The night before a golf tournament you have to have a check list!

Night Before a Golf Tournament Check List

Posted: July 30, 2018 by Anna DePalma

Me being who I am, I am very organized or at least try and be. I like to get everything ready night before a tournament so I am not stressing about it in the morning. Who wants to be running around in the morning to make sure they have everything together? We’re all trying to not stress out, right?! So the night before a golf tournament I have a little check list that I run though to make sure I’m all ready to go! And here it is!

Anna’s ‘Night Before A Golf Tournament’ Check List:

  • Check the weather to decide what to wear/ lay my outfit out
  • Get my snacks ready (i.e. Cut my fruits and veggies and baggie them up.)
  • Make sure my golf balls are marked (I like to have 6 new balls in my bag)
  • Make sure my range finder is working (have an extra battery just incase)
  • Clubs are clean!
  • Shoes in the car and or bag! (I am notorious for forgetting golf shoes)
  • Rain gear packed just incase, YOU NEVER KNOW
  • Yardage book ready to go and back in my bag (I like to look over it the night before)
  • Towel and sunscreen in my bag

By having all of this down the night before, it is much easier for me to wake up with a clear mind and not trying to remember things I need for the day. Everything is all set and ready to go, all I have to do is eat and get ready! Come on now…who doesn’t love the grab’n go life! Do you have a night before a golf tournament check list for yourself? Let me know in the comments!

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