Microblading cut down Anna's make up time.

Microblading – Eyebrows looking fleek

Posted: June 13, 2018 by Anna DePalma

As y’all know I already don’t like to wear much make up! A lot of people kept telling me about microblading which sparked my interest! Lets just say I am beyond happy!

For those of you who don’t know what microblading is…

It’s basically like getting a tattoo of you eyebrows. It is semi-permanent, they are creating a hairlike stroke to fill in your brows making them look amazing all the time!  I got them done in Arizona thank you Ali (I will put all her info in at the bottom of this post- so hit her up)

I literally don’t have to do anything to them now. The process takes about an hour. She maps out your brows and numbs you and gets going. It did not hurt and is totally worth it. Normal price is $500-$600, if you let Ali know you saw this post she will do them for $360 and that includes a touch up =)

The heeling process is miner. I kept my brows out of the sun for 10 days (wore a hat) and followed instructions. She gave me a reminder card explaining how to care for them after.

IF you are looking to have your brows on fleek all the time I high recommend considering microblading!

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