Yoga is a key component for golf whether you realize it or not! It is so beneficial for you. It helps strengthen your muscles all while you are stretching them, its a double whammy.

What is great about yoga is there are modifications. If you aren’t completely there yet you are able to modify the move to fit your ability. There are tons of classes for every level, start simple and work your way up. You can never go wrong with a basic class, to relearn the fundamentals and get a good stretch in. Remember to keep working at this though, you will be amazed with your improvement.

Yoga is not only beneficial physically but mentally.

It is a great way to focus on your breath, each movement, find your inner peace. It helps mentally to push yourself to hold that pose for another 5 seconds, to try something new, and stay in the present!

Yoga promotes muscle strength, muscle endurance and functional mobility and flexibility. You are able to work on your balance, strength, body composure, etc. While doing yoga you are going to work muscles that you didn’t even know existed, get a good sweat in and stretch those muscles out. By stretching those muscles out you are able to get more flexibility that is going to help you golf swing.

Yoga has helped me a lot. Keeps me in check with your body, mind and game. It has helped my body, mind and soul. If you are wondering if yoga is for you, then give it a try and when I say try give it, try more than one class and go in with an open mind. You will be surprised how much better you feel after and how your swing is going to benefit as well.

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