Anna loves her juice, Armana loves her smoothies. So here's the low down on smoothes versus juices!

Smoothies Versus Juices, Here are the Differences

Posted: May 22, 2018 by Anna DePalma

Smoothies versus juices! We all know that they are both delicious. There are definitely people that are more of a smoothie person and others that are more of a juice person. But we are here to give you the run down of the differences!

The main difference is that smoothies have way more fiber than juices. This is because when making a smoothies you are blending all your ingredients together. When you juice, you are taking all the juices from each ingredient. When juicing the ingredients you are taking out the fiber, so you are left with little to no pulp.

Smoothies versus juices!

If you are feeling more hungry, smoothies versus juices would be a better option because the fiber is going to keep you fuller longer.

If you are looking for more nutrients then go with a juice. Juices are the best when you aren’t feeling up to par because there are tons of juices that are vegetable based. Because there isn’t a bunch of fiber in a juice, you can have a lot of vegetable servings in a single juice. A smoothie is great of after a workout because you are able to add protein where a juice may be a great to just start your morning.

There is a downside to juices though. Some juices are very high in sugar from fruit, but no fiber, so it can digest very quickly. Giving you a little bit of a sugar high and then a quick drop which can make you feel not great.

It all comes down to what you prefer. But less fiber order a juice, more fiber order that smoothie!!! One of our favorite juice places is Nekter and one of our favorite smoothie places is Smoothie King!

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