You need to earn how to trust your swing! It'll change your game!

Learning to Trust Your Swing

Posted: May 29, 2018 by Anna DePalma

Trust is hard to do especially under pressure. But learning how to trust yourself and trust your swing will get you through more than you think.

Here are a few tips that have helped me and could help you to learn to trust your swing:
  • Positive self talk is extremely important to remember. By telling yourself that you can do it, you know this shot, you have practiced this shot etc. will help more than you think. Having that positive self talk will give you more confidence; they go hand and hand. Once you start thinking negatively or doubt yourself it is game over.


  • Practice the shots that you hate! Don’t go to the range and practice the same shots over and over. Work on those shots that make you uncomfortable so when they arise on the course you won’t be so timid to hit them. One of my favorite and least favorite things that a coach once had me do was this. When I went to the range and was working my swing, instead of hitting shots with a pitching wedge, I had to work on them with a 6 iron.


  • Take a deep breath when you get tense. When you have a shot that makes you uncomfortable or even a shot that is difficult, remember to breathe. Breathing before you swing will help release the tension and help you swing more fluidly. It will help calm your nerves and you have a greater chance of hitting that amazing shot you know you can. If you are a yogi, this is where that breathing comes in! Yes, yoga can help your golf game! Firmly plant your feet. Roll your shoulders a little, release your fingers, relax your jaw and remove your tongue from the roof of your mouth. Close your eyes and slow down. Slowly breath in through your nose, and slowly exhale out of your mouth.


  • COMMITTING TO YOUR SHOT! Focus on your routine. Practice your routine so when you get to the course it automatic. Here’s how your can create your own routine. When I get in a position on the course where I am uncomfortable or its a difficult shot, I pick figure out my distance, check the wind, pick my club, decide what shot I want to hit and commit to it. I am staying so focused on my target and my set up it doesn’t allow my brain to wonder negatively. I remind myself my swing though and go. By fulling committing to that shot I chose and being confident that it was the right decision you will have a higher percentage of executing that shot to its full potential.

Trusting yourself and knowing you can hit shots is key. Keep it simple and commit!

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