What Goes On During Our Golf Club Fitting

I recently got some new wedges from Callaway and the new Callaway Rogue driver. It’s always fun getting new clubs but then we have to get them fitted. At this point, we know too much to not! So I thought that I would share what we did during my club fitting to get my clubs ready to compete with.

During my club fitting with Kouros Logic, Kouros fitted brand new Callaway Mac Daddy 4 wedges to my wedge stats including weight.

He checked all my irons that we haven’t switched, pitching wedge through 5-iron, to make sure that they are still at my loft and lie numbers. And last, we went through some shafts and changed weights in my driver to find the best possible mixture.

Surprisingly, all of my irons were basically where they should be so we did minimal tweaking there. Next up, wedges. I play a 60, 56 and 52 degree wedges. The first step is making sure the lofts are all correct. Once that is correct, we have to make sure that the lie is set up to my number. I had to club sent with the custom shaft that my fitter requested in the club for me. It worked great last time, so we went with it again.

The last thing is to make sure that swing weight is correct. My wedges need to be at a D-3.5 swing weight. Swing weight really comes down to what they club weight feels like when you swing. If it’s too heavy, you’re going to have a hard time just swinging the club. Too light and you will have a hard time controlling it and mishits could be more often. So Kouros takes my wedges, weighs them and then takes out the shaft and either adds weight towards the head or grinds it out. In this case, we ground them out. They were sent with 3 different swing weights, one of them up to a D-7.

Last thing we worked on was my driver. I’ve been going through some swing adjustments and one thing that I’ve struggling with at the moment is that I have a negative angle of attack with my driver.

That makes something like a club fitting a little more difficult.

But we tried! So the shaft that was originally in the club, a Project X, 65 gram, stiff flex felt really great on impact. I actually ended up keeping the shaft and Kouros just found the spot where the spin was and put it into the club where it best fit my swing.

We added some lead tape on the bottom of the driver. In a similar place where we changed the weight of my driver last time. We just did the tape because we didn’t want to make any permanent changes until I was absolutely certain and my swing was back to a good/comfortable place. A lot of club fitting has to do with feel and just how it feels when you hit the ball.

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