Anna on the driving range stretching.

Stretching Before a Round Can Help You Swing Better

Posted: March 27, 2018 by Anna DePalma

Stretching is important for every aspect of your day to day life, but it is extremely important for golf. Golf requires a lot of flexibility and explosiveness. If you don’t stretch enough before a round it can cause you to not swing to your full potential. It is better to do stretching that keeps your body moving through the stretch (dynamic stretch) versus stretches where you are holding for a long period of time (static stretch). While you are stretching you are also trying to warm your body up.

When we are trying to figure out how early we need to get to the golf course, we are always calculating the time in that we need to stretch and loosen up before we start hitting golf balls. It should be a part of your pre-round routine! Anna and Armana each have slight variations of poses and stretches that they do different from each other. We just wanted to share some of our favorites that can help start you off.

Here are some stretching poses you can do before your round to help you swing better:
  • Squats with a club: Hold your club over you head with your arms completely stretched over your head and squat. Do 10-12 times- this is warm your legs and your arms up
  • Arm Circles: Take a golf stance and do circles with your arms- 10 forward, 10 backwards on each arm
  • Hip Opener: Hold your club over your head and tilt at the waist from one side to the other. Do 10 on each side.
  • Hamstrings: Hold your club over your head and bend down and towards the left side. Then slowly back up. Then down and towards the right side. Do 5 one way, then 5 the other way.

If you are looking for more stretches and photos to guide you through, Mayo Clinic has a great list here.

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