Moon Valley Country Club for the Cactus Tour

This past week we played in a Cactus Tour event at Moon Valley County Club. This was Anna’s first event of the year and Armana’s 5th (Anna’s season started late due to the EAGLES becoming Super Bowl CHAMPS – Fly Eagles Fly). Wether it is our first event or our 100th there is still always a reflection period post event. We are going to walk you through our thoughts and what we are going to focus on for our next event.

Anna’s Moon Valley Country Club Thoughts:

Being my first event back, I was nervous. The first hole and first event back there is always additional nerves and pressure to perform. I shot 73-72-76, I was not mad but I was not extremely happy with my performance. I struggled with my putting, which I figured out on #10 of my final round (a little too late). My ball striking was on, which I was very pleased about because I have been working extremely hard to get my pre-shot routine perfect, which results in my ball striking being more consistent.

Mentally I let myself down this week. I got upset over a one poor putt the first day and let it affect me the rest of the round. Allowing myself to go 4 over with my last 5 holes my first day. After my round, I was upset that I let myself get upset (if that makes sense). Going forward, I am going to continue to work on my putting, pre-shot routine and of course mentally trusting Anna and knowing that it is ok to miss a shot. I am not perfect!

Armana’s Moon Valley Country Club Thoughts:

To be honest, I had high expectations going into this tournament coming off of the Wildfire mini tour event. I’ll have to explore this more with mental coach, but I believe that the pressure I put on myself caused most of my errors. There was definitely some positives. I had 9 birdies over 3 days. My final day, my greens in regulation was really a struggle for me. I only hit 6 greens and still made 5 birdies. So when I hit the green I was in a good place and my putting was on. When I didn’t hit the green, half the time I got up and down. Half the time, I struggled. For me, it’s back to the range to work on accuracy with my irons and start to maybe loosen up. Try to have fun! Golf should be fun right?!

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