Golfers We Love – Michelle Holmes

Welcome to our series Golfers We Love. Where we interview women who love the game of golf. Whether they play professionally, work in the industry or just love to play occasionally, we want to share their stories with you!

This week, we are so excited to share with you our interview with Michelle Holmes! She is a LPGA Teaching Professional and a Masters Kids Teacher!

Thank you so much for answering some questions with us! To start off, when did you start playing golf and how did you get into it?

I started playing at age 10. My Dad, and his family, always had a great love and passion for the game. Dad used to bring me to the local driving range every Friday where they would hold junior contests. The prize was always two movie theatre tickets. I was hooked!!

That sounds like so much fun! Since you’ve picked up the game, what’s something that golf does for you?

Golf has given me the opportunity to wake up and do something I love every single day. I get to leave work every day thinking I can’t wait to come back and do that again tomorrow. For that, I am truly blessed and thankful.

That is something everyone is hoping to have. That’s amazing that you’ve found that in golf. Do you have anything you’d like to accomplish with your golf or your already incredible teaching career?

I just want to introduce golf to as many kids as I can. My junior golf coach, Charlie McGoldrick, had a huge influence on my life. He’s the reason I do what I do today. If I can have half the impact on my juniors, I’ll know I have accomplished something big!

You talk with parents and kids every day about learning to love the game of golf. What do you say to someone who is deciding whether or not to pick up the game?

I tell parents and kids that it’s the most wonderful game in the world, that this game will teach you so much about yourself and so much about life. I also tell them to ‘buckle up”, because it’s going to be a rollercoaster ride. This game will throw everything it has at you. You have to enjoy this game for the good days and the bad. If you only enjoy this game for it’s good days, it’s going to eat you up and spit you out.

We hear that! So Michelle, how did you get into teaching kids golf? It’s obviously a huge passion for you as it shows in all of your social media posts. We love seeing your kids learning to golf!

I always knew I was going to be a junior golf coach. I remember standing on the 9th tee of my home club and a lady member asking me if I wanted to play on tour one day. It was such a defining moment for me and I remember it so clearly. My answer to her question was “No, I want to do what Charlie does”. Even at age 12 or 13, I understood the impact he made on people’s lives and I knew I wanted to do that.

Wow. That game us chills! Pretty awesome if you ask us. Alright, you recently started promoting a new way of setting up tee boxes for the level of player. Can you tell us a little bit more about it and what it will accomplish?

This is something I feel very passionate about. The bottom line is golf is struggling because the game is too difficult and it takes too long to play. Most golfers quit before they even make the transition from driving range to the golf course. We should not be playing a tee based on our gender or age, we should be playing based on our driver distance. Appropriate tees will mean lower scores, faster rounds of golf and more golfers leaving the course happy.

I really encourage everyone to go check out the tee system at Longleaf GC. It was truly an eye opener for me. It’s the change we need in this game.

When you told us about that initiative we loved it! It really is such a logically way to approach the game. We know that golf can provide us with unforgettable experiences. What’s been your most memorable experiences thus far in your golf journey?

Wow, I had an amazing childhood growing up playing links golf in Ireland. I played on the Irish International team so I got to travel all around Europe and then I got to come to America to play college golf for Campbell University. All the playing and teaching accomplishments have been great but I think the best memories just come from being out on the golf course as a kid with my family. I’m not sure that any other sport gives you as much opportunity for family time. I’ll always be grateful for that.

What a way to learn the game! That sounds wonderful. And we’d have to agree, playing golf with our families has resulted in some of our best memories. Okay…now for some off-topic questions! Let’s get to know you a little more. You’re a new addition to the crayon box. What color would you be and why?

Pink – I’d like to say that I have a friendly and laid-back personality.

Love it! Now, if you could only choose one song to play every time you walk into a room for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Flashdance – What a feeling by Irene Cara.

Feelin’ that! Quick! You’ve suddenly acquired superpowers! What are they?

I miss Ireland so much and am very fortunate to get back there twice a year. My chosen superpower would be to travel at the speed of light so I could go back and forth more often!

That really would be a great super power. Do you have any hobbies besides golf?

I like to stay active and I love the outdoors. I enjoy playing tennis and hiking. Photography is also high up there on my list of favorite hobbies.

If you could have any guilty-pleasure food right now, what would it be?

My Mom’s chicken curry. I could eat that everyday for the rest of my life.

What are some small things that make your day better?

  1. Staying active. I like to start each day with some sort of exercise. This helps clear my mind and gives me energy for the hectic day ahead.
  2. My dogs. I have two bichons that live on hugs and kisses. I’d be lost without them.

Those are great, dogs are the best. Thank you so much for sharing!

Thank you so much to Michelle for interviewing with us! It was great to learn just a little bit more about you. If any readers have any questions that you’d like for us to ask future interviewees or even have a request for an interviewee, comment below and let us know!

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