Bring Your Dogs to Work Day

Lucy and Mia may be our biggest fans and best friends. Lucy is Armana’s Pomeranian and Mia is Anna’s Cavapoo. We don’t know what we would do with out our little sweethearts. Yes, they are a little sassy and have selective hearing but we love them. Our little ones are something else and love golf just as much as we do. So we make sure to have our dogs at the golf course when we can!

Mia’s favorite part of golf is the golf cart rides aka getting to go “bye bye”.  She loves to wedge herself between Anna’s back and the seat so she has the wind blow on her face. She also loves to watch us putt, she will sit on the top of the seat and just patiently wait for us to make our putts and get back to the cart.

Mia has learned to sit on Anna’s towel by her bag while she practices on the range, you can see hear head follow the ball. The most hysterical part is when the bugs are out and she tries to catch them while she is watching Anna practice. When Anna is practicing chipping she loves to chase the ball when she hits it. She will literally follow it all the way to the hole then run back to her waiting for her to hit her next chip. Mia is quiet the golf watch dog.

Lucy loves to just sit and watch Armana practice. When she was a puppy, she never came to the golf course in Nebraska. Armana never really thought about it since it wasn’t as common at the courses she went to. When Armana moved part-time to San Diego she began bringing Lucy to Coronado Golf Course. It was way cooler on the little island than in the non-air conditioned back house so she went to the course often. Lucy would just lay down next to Armana’s bag and try to find the shade of her bag. The sound never bothered her so she would lay next to the bag on the range and the short game areas.

Recently, with the addition of Freedom Golf Course to the Cactus Tour list of courses we work with, they allow dogs at the golf course!

So Lucy has come out to the course a few times. Since it’s an executive 9 hole course, she even walks with Armana while she works on her iron shots! She loves coming to the course and spending time outside.

We both love our pups and are so thankful that we get to bring them to our office! What kind of pets do you have? Let us know in the comments! Do they love golf?!

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