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Meet Us at BackSwing Golf Events

Posted: March 15, 2018 by Anna DePalma

Who doesn’t love to add some flare to their golf events. Whether it is a charity or corporate event BackSwing Golf Events is there to make your event memorable! Armana and Anna have been a part of this amazing company for about 2 years! It is a great way to help fund their golf all while still being able to practice and bring some flare to amazing charities and corporate events.

BackSwing Golf Events is everywhere! Here we are in California!

BackSwing golf events has so much to offer. Mckenzie Lyng and Amanda Robertson are the Co-Owners of this amazing company. They are both young, amazing, talented entrepreneurs! BackSwing Golf Events done over 153 event raising over $250,000.

“Amanda and I started BackSwing golf events essentially to create to an extra income to play golf and give back to the golf community. It has now grown tremendously and turned into a flourishing company. We are doing events now all over the country, continuing to grow.” -Mckenzie Lyng

Anna is typically the money raising queen. Armana loves to roam the course, meaning she plays one hole with each group, while Anna stays on typically a par 3 raising money back for the charity.

Why you should choose BackSwing Golf Events:

  • Exceptional communication so that your event is perfect from beginning to end.
  • Our on course professionalism provides a competitive but fun experience.
  • All of our professionals are outgoing and personable to ensure an amazing outing.
  • Backswing Golf Events is currently available in California, Arizona & Nevada and looking for additional territories.
  • Our pros can travel nationwide if you’re hosting an event not in our local areas.
  • All of our professionals have high-level competitive golf touring experience.

One of our awesome Backswing Golf Events groups in Arizona!If you are looking to add some flare to your event and leave your players with something to talk about, send us and email and BOOK US NOW. You will not be disappointed!

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