What Pro Golfers Work On: Armana Update

Hey everyone! So this one will be similar to Anna’s “what pro golfers work on” from last month where I just kind of go through some of the things that I’m currently working on in my game.

My tournament season started in the middle of January and I’ve played 3 events, all on The Cactus Tour. My very first event was a little rough to be honest but I’ve been using a scoring tracker to analyze my rounds and stats. This allows me to look at my rounds more objectively to see what needs to be worked on. After the first tournament, it was clear that my greens in regulation was percentage I really needed to bring up. So event #1, my program said that I needed to bring up my GIR hit. The current % was 41% hit from 125-150 yards. Not idea when I have an 8 iron or less in my hands.

So I take the next week to work on just hitting my irons into greens. I am playing more often and playing at a par 3 course to just get that consistent visualization of hitting into a green. Event #2, that particular number improves 23%! I hit 64% of greens from 125-150 yards. This was a huge jump! So what next? Well next was working on my percentage from 151-175 yards, unfortunately during this event it was only 18%. You know what they say, the longer the club the harder it becomes. So now I’m working on direction control with my longer irons. Going back and forth from hitting a pitching wedge to hitting a 5 iron. It’s all the same swing right? Right! I was in the money for my second event, progress.

On to event #3! My percentage of greens hit from 151-175 yards improved 32%. So my last event I hit 50% of greens from 151-175 yards. Still not great but huge improvement. I was in the money for my 3rd event, and I made more than the previous week. More progress! Now my latest event I was dealing with another kind of issue that I’ve been putting off but I’ll have to start working through now. I hit the ball high. Irons…this is perfect. I love that flight with my irons and even a hybrid. Driver? Nope. Not great. I not only hit the ball high with my driver, I have an insane amount of backspin. I also have a tendency to fall back at impact on mishits. So what does this do to the ball? High, push, cut. I am losing distance just because there is no roll out.

So what am I doing to fix this? I am working on making sure I’m hitting up on the ball and not down with my driver. A negative attack angle will create the backspin that I don’t want or need in a drive, which happens if you hit down on the ball. Most of this is making sure that I’m set up in a position that promotes this kind of attack angle. Next is working on posting up on my left leg and keeping my torso moving forward through impact as opposed to hanging back.

The last thing I’m doing is testing some new drivers out and new shafts that will help bring the launch angle down. So updates on that to come!

Next couple events are also mini tour events and then fingers crossed that I’m in the LPGA Monday qualifier in Arizona! Thanks for checking in and let me know if you have any questions about the things I’m working on. My next update will be following up these events!

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