Anna was at the PGA Show 2018 in Orlando! Here are her 6 favorite products from the show.

PGA Show 2018 Product Favorites

Posted: February 1, 2018 by Anna DePalma

I attended the PGA Show in Orlando! What a week! This show is incredible; I could not believe how big it was. I was a little over whelmed when I first walked in. There was literally everything golf there; a golfer’s version of heaven. After 3 days of walking the show, I wanted to share with ya’ll my 6 favorite products I stumbled upon.


Some of our favorite ladies at the PGA Show this year!


Amp Caddy Wireless Ear Buds – These ear buds are amazing. They reminded me of the Apple Pods but personally I thought they were better. They are noise cancelling and the case is a charging case! Come one how great is that! I have the Beats Wireless Headphones and I have to say, I am loving these Amp Caddy Ear Buds more. Especially for practice!


The AmpCaddy Ear Buds were a favorite of Anna's at the PGA Show 2018.


Golf Buddy – Say hello to the GPS Golf Buddy! It connects to my Apple Watch; how awesome is that!!! I was very impressed. This Golf Buddy talks to you as you approach the next hole. It gives you distances to the front, middle and back of the green. It syncs to your Apple Watching giving a lay out of the hole along with distances. I loved playing using this Golf Buddy. Yes, I have a range finder but I will be using this product more for working on playing to the middle of the green. And it saves me from having to get a yardage book!


At the PGA Show, the Golf Buddy was definitely a highlight!


Power Package Golf Swing Trainer– This swing trainer helps you to feel a proper golf swing. It will help eliminate common swing mistakes and will get your wrists into the right position through your entire swing. You connect this training aid to your club, get your hands set and then swing away! I recommend you start slow, really get a good feeling before you start swinging full. I love this training aid as I am constantly working on getting my wrists set in the right positions.


Anna really loved the Power Package Golf Swing Trainer at the PGA Show!

Here's a better look at the Power Package Swing Trainer at the PGA Show.

Aren’t these PGA Show products amazing?! I’ve got a few more…keep reading!


Night Eagle CV Continuous Visibility Ball – These golf balls have lights in them! There are multi-color golf balls along with single color golf balls. They have flags that light up along with other sports equipment. This is awesome for a party, event or just a fun night golf tournament. The products are made well and definitely last. The glow golf balls last about 8 hours, how great is that?! Ir you are trying to get creative with your next event I would totally consider a night golf event!


These Night Eagle light up golf balls at the PGA Show were pretty amazing!


Corkcicle Cooler Bag– When I first saw this bag I instantly thought it looked like Kate Spade! It is so dang cute. It looks like a very fashionable purse but it is a cooler. They also have more masculine bags (don’t worry guys). What I loved about this bag, besides it being adorable, you could travel with the bag. You could pack your clothes in it, unpack at the hotel and bring the bag to the course full of your favorite drinks and snacks! How great is that?!


Anna loved these Corkcicle cooler bags at the PGA Show!

These Corkcicle cooler bags at the PGA Show were not only practical but adorable.


RAD Roller I absolutely loved this product at the PGA Show! My favorite one was two balls the size of about tennis balls that were connected. It worked so much more than just a regular foam roller. It was light, small and easy to travel with. I was able to use it on my neck, legs, back, arms and hips! It really is an “anywhere massage and recovery tool.” I will be traveling with my RAD Roller and definitely will be bringing it to the gym and golf course. It was way easier to get those trigger spots and I was able to release my tight muscles. I have nothing but love for this product!


The RAD Roller at the PGA Show was one of Anna's favorite products! Make sure to check out the RAD Roller! Anna tested it at the PGA Show and she can't get enough of it!


There were so many other amazing products at the PGA Show but these were just my favorites =) Definitely take a look at these awesome products, you will not be disappointed! Did you attend the show this year? If so, what were your favorite products? Let me know in the comments below!

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