Wilson Non-sweat hand gel

Non-Sweat Hand Gel to Save You From Yourself!

Posted: February 7, 2018 by Anna DePalma

Sweaty hands no more!!!!! I have the perfect product to share with you. A non-sweat hand gel to solve all of your problems and help your grip on the golf club.

So…I definitely have a hand sweating issue, and when it gets hot and humid it gets way worse! UGH!! I have tried just about everything on the market along with a prescription from my doctor and nothing was really doing the job. Until my dear friend Simone introduced me to Wilson Pro Grip Max Lotion.

It’s the perfect non-sweat hand gel.

It is amazing! I was in complete shock at how great it works. After using it just one time, I was hooked. And to make it even better, its only $10. This has nothing to do with me being on staff with Wilson but it sure gave me more of a reason to love them!

This lotion is intended for tennis players but can be used for several sports. One use lasts me about 9 holes (2 hours) but I just reapply as needed. It is not sticky, it honestly just keeps your hands dry. It does leave a faint white residue on your hands but it is totally worth it. If you do by chance get it on your clothes don’t worry it comes off easily with soap and water.

This is hands down the best Grip Enhancing Lotion on the market! Have you tried this product? Or do you have a product that you love and want to share? Let us know in the comments below!

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