Anna DePalma likes to have healthy nails that also look nice! Here are our tips and fav manicure.

Healthy Nails: SNS vs Gel

Posted: February 22, 2018 by Anna DePalma

Being a golfer, I am hard on my hands. It definitely doesn’t go well with being a girly-girl! I love getting a manicure and looking fresh. The struggle is also to have healthy nails at the same time.

I used to get gel until I discovered SNS. SNS is a dip powder that is much healthier than gel or acrylic. It has helped my nails grow and become so much stronger all while lasting me about 4 weeks! Come on ladies who doesn’t love having their nails looking amazing for 4 weeks and not having to worry about chipping or breaking? I can do my everyday activities and never worry about my nails.

Some other methods for making sure you have healthy nails:

  • Make sure you’re moisturizing.
  • Don’t file back and forth on your nail, this can cause splitting. Instead file in a single direction.
  • To prevent breaking, try wearing your nails in a more oval shape.
  • Try not to pick or peel of your nail polish, this can start to pell off layers of the nail causing it to weaken.
  • Eat foods that are a good source of protein, that’s what nails are made of!
  • Drink lots of water to make sure you’re hydrating.

I would highly recommend getting SNS or at least giving it a try to keep your healthy nails healthy longer. Comment below, I would love to know everyones thoughts!

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