Armana demonstrating how to use alignment sticks to practice.

Using Alignment Sticks to Improve Your Golf Game

Posted: February 27, 2018 by Armana Christianson

I’m sure that you’ve seen all of the pros on the driving range with alignment sticks. You’ve probably seen it just when you go to a golf course or on social media. You may not be sold on carrying them in your bag just yet. But they can be a huge help in your golf game. So what do they really help with?

Using Alignment Sticks

One of the most popular uses for alignment sticks is to do just that, align. One of the common issues for amateurs is that they just aren’t aligning properly. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Put a ball down on the ground on the driving range. And put an alignment stick on the outside of the golf ball pointing directly at your target (for now). This stick is fairly close to the golf ball but far enough that you can hit your shot without it being in the way.
  2. Take a second alignment stick and put it along your feet and make it parallel with the other alignment stick.Armana setting up her alignment sticks for practice.
  3. After the alignment sticks are in place, stand behind the ball and see what it looks like.
  4. Walk up to the ball and set up with your feet parallel with the stick and your club parallel with the other alignment stick. It’s going to feel weird. Don’t adjust. Trust the alignment, you did already check it from behind the ball.
  5. Hit the shot with confidence that you have now double and triple checked your alignment. Watch the ball flight and make adjustments. If you are cutting the ball, you may have to move both sticks left of the target until the ball is landing close to your target. If you are drawing the ball, you may have to move both sticks right of the target until the ball is landing close to your target. Make sure to swing along the lines of the alignment sticks.

This is going to be so awkward! Even now, after doing this a lot over the years, I still have to work on my alignment and it still is visually weird sometimes. Stick with it! It will pay off in the end when you can confidently walk up to your shot, know you are lining up correctly and swing with confidence.

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