TV Shows to Binge Watch, Our Top 10

Traveling as much as we do it is hard to actually keep up on shows, so binge watching is the way to go! We find ourselves tired after competing and just we just want to kick back in the hotel and relax. So of course we have TV shows to binge watch when we have free time, and we’d love to share them with you!

Here are some of our favorite TV shows to binge watch.

Come on, who doesn’t love to just sit back and binge watch! Comment on this post and tell us your favorite shows to binge watch! =)

  • Game of Thrones – HBOGO
    • YES everyone is talking about Game of Thrones. This is a show that you need to pay attention meaning you can’t text and watch the show, also watch the first 3 episodes if you aren’t hooked by then its not the right series for you ha, it only took me one episode. GOT is a fantasy filled drama. It is based on the fantasy novel series, A Song of Fire and Ice, written by George R. R. Martin.
  • Power- STARZ
    • Power is a sexy, intense, drama filled series of James St. Patrick AKA “Ghost”, the owner of a club named Truth in NYC. He is not only the owner of Truth but he is one of the city’s biggest drug dealers. He attempted to balance the two lives, all while keeping his marriage together with his wife Tasha and handling the kids!
  • Modern Family – Hulu
    • Modern Family is currently on season 9 and it’s a great little 30 minutes comedy to fill some time and make you laugh. Bonus: if you haven’t started it already, you have so many seasons to go through that you’ll always have something to watch!
  • Making a Murder – Netflix
    • The filming for Making a Murder took place over a 10 year period. In this mini-series, you watch a documentary of Steven Avery. A man who was charged with murder, later exonerated and then convicted of a different murder later on.
How can you not include Friends on a TV shows to binge watch list?!
  • Friends- Netflix
    • Honestly, this is not only a great binge watching show but a great background show. If you’re working or want to have something on that you don’t have to pay attention to, this is perfect.
  • Grey’s Anatomy – Hulu
    • One of the longest running medical dramas, how could you not get into this one? This show is currently in it’s 14th season and if you’ve been watching from the beginning, we don’t even have to explain the love for Grey’s. We’ve definitely started from the beginning a few times. Worth it every time we binge watch!
  • How to Get Away with Murder – ABC
    • Annalise Keating a sassy, intelligent sexy Law Defense Professor that teaches a class called How to Get Away With Murder. Annalise is not only a professor but also a criminal defense attorney and selects a particle group of student to sit alongside her employees and cases. Drama and mysteries being and test everyones loyalty and the truth always surfaces.
  • Stranger Things- Netflix
    • Second season just came out and whoa. If you haven’t jumped on the Stranger Things train, here is your chance! Luckily for us, Netflix releases most of their shows all in one season. This makes it one of our go-to places when we need TV shows to binge watch.
  • Chrisley Knows Best – USA Network
    • This is about Todd Chrisley a multimillionaire real estate developer and entrepreneur, his wife Julie and their picture perfect Souther family. This family is absolutely hilarious, with typical everyday family drama to Todd and his control freak issues you will be laughing throughout the whole episode.
  • The Flash – The CW
    • This show is about The Flash, hence its name. Barry Allen’s life changed at age 11 when his mother passed from a freak accident and his innocent father was convicted of her murder. Barry is now a crime scene investigator who is determined to figure out his mothers death. Another freak accident occurred and a lighting bolt struck Barry! When Barry wakes up nine months later from a coma with the power of super-speed. Once he found out that most people with powers like his for evil he decided he would use them for the good and to save innocent people. Barry is the Flash!
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