A putting setup requires a few things and correct ball placement is one of them!

Putting Setup – Ball Placement Tip

Posted: January 2, 2018 by Armana Christianson

One of the more popular #TipTuesdays that I did was a ball placement tip for when you’re practicing your putting. There is slightly more to an entire putting setup than this tip for sure. But this is something that quite a few people disregard and also something that pros continually go back and practice. Lexi just talked about making this adjustment again for this year. So what does that mean? If you don’t practice this or at least check on it to make sure it’s correct every once in a while, you could be losing strokes because you’re missing putts.

Ball placement tip for your putting setup, coming at you.

You’ve probably heard this before but hear it goes. Your eyes need to be over the ball when you set up to putt. Easy peasy right? It still takes practice. So first let’s go through why you need to practice and check this.

When you are putting, it is generally taught that you need to have your eyes directly over the ball. A main reason is that this allows you to see the line clearer. You are literally look straight down the light of the putt. The reason that I prefer, is it makes it easier for you to bring the putter back to square. I can’t say it keeps your putter on line because some of us having a “swinging door” putting stroke *raises hand*. My putter goes slightly open on the back swing, back to square at the ball and then slightly closed on the follow through.

So how do you work on this? You can’t have someone standing there watching you every time you go and practice your putting stroke.

There are a couple ways you can practice this putting setup tip:
  • You can use a putting mirror. If you watch golf on TV, you may have seen this. I actually keep one in my bag and use it before every round just to double check. It’s a board that you set the ball in the cut out slot, the mirror has a line going straight back from the ball. You can double check that your eyes are over that line.
  • Your phone is a great option. You can video yourself from down the line and check to see if your eyes are directly over the ball. I sometimes do this but it can be a process to get it set up unless I truly want to see video of my putting stroke.
  • Last but not least, my tip. You can use a plain old golf ball that you have in your bag. Get set up in your regular putting stroke, and leave your putter where it is. Have the ball in hand when you set up. Take the ball to the bridge of your nose between your eyes and drop. The ball should have landed exactly in line with where your putter is. If the ball has landed farther away from you than your putter is, this can become a problem. Rarely does it land too far inside the putter but if it does, you are very close to the ball. It’s easy to do. No special equipment required. And you can do it in just a second before you hit the course!

Get your eyes over the ball during your putting setup! It's important!

So now that you see where your ball should be placed, without changing your stance or putting setup.

Try to start putting the ball there! If it feels cramped and you are having a hard time making a smooth putting stroke you may consider getting your putter fitted. Your putter length could actually be too long, hindering you from standing close enough to the ball.

Have you tried this one out? What did you learn about your putting stroke?

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