Here are podcasts we love for January!

Podcasts We Love – January Edition

Posted: January 3, 2018 by Armana Christianson

One of my favorite things to do on long drives, because I have a lot of them, is to replace music with podcasts. It’s such a great way to pass the time by being in the middle of a conversation, an interview or even a suspenseful cold case. Best thing about podcasts? They’re free!

Here’s my favorite January Podcasts:

WSJ Secrets of Wealthy WomenStrangers

30 For 30 – If you like the TV series, then you’ll enjoy the Podcast because you can take it with you anywhere. I recently just listened to one about Wrigley field. So cool to hear the history of how they were one of the last baseball stadiums to put in lights to play at night! What?! It’s a great way to add some history lessons into your drive or while you’re working. But interesting history lessons.

Modern Love – Modern Love is a little off the beaten path but really interesting and they come in super short episodes. Short episodes can be great to fill just little bits of space, we’re talking 10-20 minutes. These are short stories from real people about “love, loss and redemption.” These are anonymous stories read by celebrities which makes it weird to hear but also really keeps my attention. Not to mention the stories can be really different! Like the “12-hour relationship” that took place on a plane.

WSJ Secrets of Wealthy Women – This was a really interesting listen. If you are looking to hear from financial and work place advice from women…this is your podcast! These successful women come on the podcast and give a rundown of what they’ve been through and what they’ve learned. They’re the kind of people that you want to ask advice from but may not have the opportunity. Well here it is!

Strangers – Since it’s the New Year, we all start out pretty positive about the year and generally in a good mood. This was one of those podcasts, to me, that helped me feel a little more empathetic to what others may be going through. Strangers takes you into the story of a stranger. You’ve heard that saying right? Everyone is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Well here you go. Here are their stories.

What are your go-to podcasts right now? Let me know in the comments!

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