5 ways to play better golf now!

Play Better Golf in 5 “Easy” Steps

Posted: January 23, 2018 by Armana Christianson

Oh yes, it’s one of those articles! Can you really play better golf in 5 “easy” steps? Well for the average weekend player I totally think you can! And easy is in quotations because easy is kind of relative isn’t it? So I’ll try to to make them as simple as possible.


Here are your 5 things to do to play better golf:
  1. Play from the correct tee markers. I can’t even count how many times I’ve come across a group of golfers where they have all chosen to tee off from the tips and they can’t make it past the forward tees. Why are you doing that to yourself? The game can’t be fun or enjoyable at that point. And not only that, it’s making you score worse. Therefore, you should start at the tees that will allow you to reach most of the par 4s in regulation based off of distance alone.
  2. Practice those bunker shots. A lot of golfers will leave shots in the bunker because either they don’t know how to practice them or just haven’t practiced them. Let’s say you get into a green-side bunker 3 times a round and you take 2-3 shots to get it on to the green. As a result you’re adding 6-9 shots to your score per round! Eventually, you can work on distance control in bunkers but the main goal is 1 shot out and on to the green. We’ll be adding a post about a good drill to get out of the bunker, so check back soon!Learning to be confident in bunkers is important to being able to play better golf!
  3. Complete your swing. You know how those wacky pros have that picture-perfect finish after every shot? Try it out! You’ll see that as a result of having your focus on a “world class finish”, your mechanical swing thoughts disappear. This is a very good thing! You should be working on mechanics at the range so on the course you can have a fluid and free swing.
  4. Use a pre-shot routine. In fact, I wrote a post about why using a pre-shot routine is so important and 3 pieces to include in your pre-shot routine. Here is the post to use to start creating your pre-shot routine and why it’s even more important than you may think.
  5. TempoTempo. Tempo. I’m always working on this one! Tempo can be such an easy thing in theory, sometimes we just forget to think about it. We have a post coming soon on various other methods. But for now you can try the Annika Sörenstam method! Annika’s first name is three syllables and she uses it to “count” her backswing to make sure she has a slow and repeatable backswing. Try using any three syllable word that works for you. I use my own name Armana. Ar-ma-na so that I’m hitting the top of my backswing at the “na” part.

Work on these things and I know that you’ll start saving strokes every round! Is there a specific thing you’re working on right now to play better golf?

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