Planet Hope Celebrity Golf Tournament

Hola from, Mayakoba! I was honored to be invited to participate in the Planet Hope Celebrity Golf Tournament. “Planet Hope was Founded by sisters Kelly and Sharon Stone, Planet Hope is a charitable, nonprofit organization. It provides resources to children who are suffering from illness and homelessness, and who are at risk and in crisis.” This event took place at El Camaleón Mayakoba Golf Course just weeks after the PGA event so the course was in impeccable condition. The format was a two day scramble with teams of 5 people. I am going to give you a little taste of my experience in Mexico. Oh yeah, spoiler alert, my team won!!!

I decided to have my friend Melissa come and join me (be my caddy). Jet Blue was a main sponsor and flew us to this fabulous destination! When we made our way out of the airport, we were met with a sign and greeting and then taken to the resort. We were set up at the Andez Resort in Riviera Maya. It was absolutely breathtaking. As we were driving in we checked in at the entrance gate and then drove through the jungle with no signs to the hotel. This resort is connected with about 3 other resorts and the golf course.

When we checked in we were greeted with a special tequila drink and a stone. We were told a story about the lobby which was actually called the Sanctuary. They then told us that we were to take this stone, make a wish and throw it in the water. Everything was just so relaxing at this resort.

The entire property was so expansive that if you didn’t want to walk, no problemo. You could take a bike or they had golf carts roaming the property to take you anywhere you wanted to go. Our view from our room was looking at the lagoon and you could hear the monkeys it was amazing and very relaxing!

We spent a lot of our time on the beach when we weren’t golfing. The food and drinks were amazing and everyone was extremely kind. Funny story, my first lunch bill I almost freaked out because I didn’t realize it was in pesos….OOPS! I would highly recommend this resort and I can’t wait to go back!

With the flight situation, we made the decision to go a day early, which I am so happy we did. We were able to check in. relax that first night and go explore our first day before any of the scheduled events started.

We got up early to have breakfast at the hotel (AMAZING) and then go and explore the Pyramids at Talum and have time for the beach after before our first party for the event. These pyramids were huge and gorgeous! It was a great morning exploring; we were able to see everything we wanted to in about an hour and a half so I would definitely recommend going to see the pyramids. I loved just walking around. Before we entered the pyramids we checked out all the shops with people selling souvenirs and Melissa and I bought friendship Mexico bracelets that we put on our golf bags.

Once we got back, we met everyone on the beach, had lunch and just enjoyed everyone’s company! The water was so clear and the sand was so soft! It was just a great way to start this amazing trip.

Now about the Planet Hope Golf Tournament!

El Camelion was absolutely incredible. Starting with #1 having a huge sand trap cave that was not man made. It is actually 2 miles long and you can take a tour on it. I definitely put a few balls in the trap just to get some cool videos and pictures hitting out of it. How could you not? The greens rolled great, grass was lush and green and the scenery was breath taking. There were amazing beach views and lagoons holes. This golf course also had insanely big iguanas and (monkey raccoon animals).

My group was absolutely amazing and we all clicked as a team. Our team name was TEAM VEGAS STRONG. We chose this name because the Vegas shooting affected each of us! Mel was at the concert during the shooting, I was in Vegas at the same time and Bernie and his wife reside in Vegas. It was a very fitting team name. Bernie was our celebrity. He is a professional Hockey player but let me tell you, hockey is not the only sport he can play. He is quite an impressive golfer!

We grinded the first day shooting 14-under and day 2 we came ready to play! We shot 16 under the 2nd day to take the win! The 2nd day we all played well and made a lot of putts! I also won long drive, 249 yards thanks to my Wilson Driver! GO TEAM VEGAS!

The Planet Hope Celebrity Golf Tournament was such an amazing event and it was an awesome experience. It was just as fun to golf as it was to attend the parties that they hosted! Our first night was so much fun meeting everyone participating in the event. And I can’t say enough great things about the food and music.

The 2nd party was an all white attire party. The party was originally on the beach but because of a torrential downpour we all made the move inside. There was still great food and live entertainment. The closing awards party was just as much fun as the previous nights. We went straight to the party from the course. It was an outside party with more live entertainment, a live auction and amazing food and drinks once again.

We had planned a late flight home so we would be able to enjoy the early morning and afternoon on the beach (best decision ever!). We woke up, had breakfast and went on a boat ride through the entire property. And then we were able to relax on the beach until it was time to head to the airport.

All and all this was an amazing trip and an amazing event! I cannot wait to go back next year! Do you have any interest in being a part of a charity event? Which one? Let me know if the comments!

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