Farmers Insurance Open Food & Drink Exclusives

At the FIO, we had the opportunity to not only meet some amazing people but preview the Farmers Insurance Open food and drinks that will be available during the tournament. Gone are the days of only being able to find hot dogs and burgers at golf tournaments. The food that we ate was incredible. And the drinks? If you don’t order at least one of these while you’re there, you’re missing out. So what can you expect to find when you attend the FIO this year? Let us show you the way.

Farmers Insurance Open Drink Exclusives

Introducing the Grey Goose Torrey Breeze

We had the pleasure of speaking with Selena Donovan, a Grey Goose mixologist! This year, they have worked with the Farmers Insurance Open to create a signature drink for the tournament. As you may have guessed, it’s called Torrey Breeze. And it’s delicious!

So what is in this amazing signature drink? Selena tell us it’s Grey Goose original, some muddled blackberries, some muddled raspberries and lemonade. It’s then garnished with a skewered lemon wheel and raspberry. It’s light and has that wonderful fruity taste without being overwhelming. We could definitely imagine having a few of these walking around the tournament.

“You’re going to see this drink a lot on the golf course. You’re going to see some of the other classic Grey Goose drinks that we’re doing during these tournaments. Like our Citron Bloody Mary, the Le Melon Mule. You’re going to see the 19th Hole which is one of our signatures as well. And you’re also going to be hang out at 19th Hole and Flight Deck.”

We are all about it. But what’s that? You’re not a cocktail fan? More of a beer drinker? They’ve got you covered!

10-Under Pale Ale brewed by 10 Barrel

Oh yeah! The Farmers Insurance Open has worked with 10 Barrel Brewing to create a custom brew just for the tournament. What can you expect from this beer? We spoke with brewmaster Ben Shirley.

What inspired this beer for the tournament? “You know, just the beauty of being out on the golf shot and hitting a pure shot. And being with your friends. And having some good times,” Ben tells us. That sounds like our kind of inspiration! And if you’re curious as to what kind of beer this is, Ben says it’s on the lighter side. It’s got a good hop presence but the alcohol is low to “enhance it’s drinkability.”

Since this beer is light, it pairs well with anything you’re going to eat at the tournament. Sounds good to us!

Farmers Insurance Open Food Exclusives

So with all of these amazing drinks, you’re going to have to eat some equally amazing food to go with it. Good thing they’ve thought of everything! Let’s list off some of the menu items that are must tries.

Boom Boom Chicken Sausage Roll

On first glance, it looks like a hot dog. But a fancy hot dog. It does not taste like a hot dog though guys. It has great flavor and it’s small enough that it’s not overwhelming to eat while you’re walking around. Definitely a fan favorite over here.

Baja Shrimp and Cucumber Ceviche

We could’ve eaten a bunch of these tiny taster cups. This was so fresh and refreshing. And being shrimp fans, that was straight up our alley. This is going to be absolutely perfect for an afternoon watching golf at the edge of the ocean.

Spicy Korean Soba Noodle Cup

This was so good! And what makes this even better? It’s one of the handful of vegan options at the tournament. So if you’re vegan, fear not! You can still eat at the tournament! We didn’t think it was particularly spicy. It had great flavor though. It was the first thing we beelined too when we went to go start tasting food.

Torrey BBQ TriTip Sandwich

We didn’t get a chance to try this one out, so we’re kind of bummed about this. The description makes this sound incredible! Cardiff Crack Tri Tip with honey BBQ sauce and crispy onions all on a brioche bun. Don’t mind us just licking our lips over here.

So with all of these amazing food and drink options, we may suggest going to just hang out and enjoy the plentiful menu options! What looks like it’s going to be your favorite of the tournament? Let us know in the comments!

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