Anna talks about the best time to workout. Do you have it right?

Best Time to Workout, Can You Take a Guess?

Posted: January 30, 2018 by Anna DePalma

Early bird gets the worm! That may not be the answer you were looking for but it could also just depend on your body. I personally feel like the best time to workout is in the morning to start my day.

It’s proven that the best time to workout is to get up early and get some sort of physical activity.

You will actually have a more productive day this way. Like I said everyone is different but there are always options and it never hurts to try a something different!

Setting goals, sticking to a strict routine and staying motivated will help. It really is amazing at how great you will feel the rest of the day after a great morning workout. If you typically wake up at 7:00am, the best time to workout may be getting up at 6:00am and getting a 30-45 minute circuit in. We all have different fitness goals so do what your body allows. Try twice a week getting up early to work out and slowly move to maybe 3 times. Listen to your body!

Being on the road it is hard sometimes times to get that morning workout in because our tee times are typically early.Β  But I have found that just getting up a little earlier on those days to make sure I get in a good stretch has made a huge difference.

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