What are Anna's Backpack travel essentials

Backpack Travel Essentials – Anna Edition

Posted: January 11, 2018 by Anna DePalma

There are so many articles about what to pack in your suitcase depending on where you’re going. Don’t worry, we’ll also have another article about how we pack our main suitcase. Especially because we pack for weeks at a time and for all different occasions. But this post is specifically about Anna’s backpack travel essentials. Everyone usually has a carry-on, so let’s talk about it!

So what are Anna’s backpack travel essentials?
  1. HydroFlask Water bottle
    • Water is so important. Traveling will dehydrate your body and leave you not feeling “up to par” (see what I did there?) so make sure you drink extra water!
  2. Wireless Beats Headphones
    • Headphones are a must from phone calls to movies and music! Just make sure they are charged the night before. I love listening to music during take off then typically start a show or movie then back to music for landing.
  3. Gum
    • We all know when flying your ear pop because of the air pressure change, gum is a great solution to help relieve that pressure.
  4. Alka-Seltzer Plus
    • I always take an Alka-Seltzer the morning and evening I fly to prevent getting ill. I am so busy, non stop and at times don’t get enough sleep so  getting sick is not an option andAlka-Seltzer has saved me so many times. The taste isn’t the best but shoot take it like a shot and keep it moving!
  5. A good book
    • Being on my phone a lot I love to take advantage to disconnect with the world and drive into a good book whether is a novel or a great self help book, reading is always a great option to help pass the time.
  6. iPad
    • My iPad is a must! Download a good movie or show that you have been binge watching. I have lately been downloading Game Of Thrones to continue my binge watching!
  7. extra phone charger
    • I am know to get to a distention and my phone charger not working so I have learned to always travel with an extra charger.
  8. Rodan and Fields Hydration Serum
    • I am obsessed with Rodan and Fields hydration serum especially when traveling to keep my face hydrated and looking vibrant.
  9. Lip Balm
    • My lips get chapped all the dang time especially when traveling!
  10. PreHeels Spray
    • This spray is a must! It is a clear, durable spray that I do not travel without. I don’t just use if when I wear heels but also with my golf shoes to prevent blisters on my heels.
  11. Sunglasses
    • When traveling, well in general I don’t wear make-up so a nice big pair of sunglasses are a must and come on who doesn’t just love wearing their favorite sunglasses! (ELECTRIC Sunglasses)
  12. Snacks
    • I refuse to pay for over priced food in the airport, along with snacks that I don’t want. I hate being hungry before my flight and like 30 minutes into the flight I’m starving and never want what is offered on the plane. So I make sure to head to the store the day before my flight and stock up on my favorites, including some fresh fruit!

What are your must have backpack travel essentials? Carry-ons count too! Let me know in the comments.

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