What Pro Golfers Work On: Anna Update

As we all know there is always room to improve. Pro golfers work on very specific things in their game every day. I wanted to share with you what I am personally working on now with my game.

Yeah, pro golfers work on their routine. A lot.

I was at my lesson with my swing coach and he caught me off guard asking me about my routine. My routine is consistent, I do the same thing every time but I was unaware of the specifics. For example, I didn’t know how many steps I took while walking into the ball, which foot I started with, how many times I looked at my target, etc. A specific routine is extremely important because if you do not practice it your body is not going to subconsciously know what to do.

For example, have you ever wondered why you hit the ball better on the range vs the course? This could be because you don’t practice your routine as much as you should on the range. Another reason could be, you may not be doing the exact same thing every time and you subconsciously are like ah what am I doing because your body isn’t used to it, it was something different. Make sure to check out our 3 key pieces to creating your pre-shot routine post.

My Routine:

  1. Pick my club
  2. Take 1-2 practice swings
  3. Pick my target
  4. Walk into the ball starting with my right foot, taking 5 steps
  5. Set my club
  6. Look at my target
  7. Set my feet
  8. Look at my target again
  9. Get my body comfortable
  10. Take a deep breath
  11. Look at my target again
  12. Say my mental thought of the day, lately has been “arm and up” (use what works for you, I am working on keeping my left arm straighter and getting steeper)
  13. Swing away!

Hope this helps. Remember everyones routine is different, figure out specifically what yours is and then practice it! Pro golfers work hard to create their own and repeatable routine, you should too! GOOD LUCK!

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