The pros have a pre-shot routine, you should too! Here are 3 key pieces to building your pre-shot routine.

Pre-Shot Routine: 3 Key Pieces to Create Yours

Posted: December 19, 2017 by Armana Christianson

Golfers are known for being methodical in their approach to the game, at least the pros are and I think more amateurs should follow suit! Why? Because it really could help your golf game!  The biggest oppositions to this that I hear by casual golfers are all pretty similar. I hear, “But I’m not a pro, nothing I do is going to make that much of a difference anyway,” “I don’t even know what a pre-shot routine is,” and “I wouldn’t even know where to begin to figure that out.”  So let’s put all of those to rest now.

Just because you don’t play professional golf doesn’t mean that you should take all of the advantages that are within your control to improve your game. I’ve never heard from anyone that playing better wasn’t more fun. A pro uses a pre-shot routine to create consistency. Don’t you think that that’s what all amateurs are looking for? I think so, too.

What is a pre-shot routine?

A pre-shot routine are the habits that you create in the moments leading up to you hitting the golf ball. Everyone can have a slightly different routine, it’s all personal preference. The idea is that if you use this pre-shot routine every single time when you get ready to hit the ball, that the chances of you hitting the ball the same every time increases.

Creating your pre-shot routine

Now let’s make your routine! I feel there are 3 key pieces to creating your pre-shot routine. You can add whatever you like or adjust it to better fit you, because it’s your routine.

  1. After you’ve figured our your yardage and what club you are using, stand a yard or two behind your ball looking down towards your target and visualize your shot. Picture the ball flight.
  2. Next is making your practice swing or swings. I take a single practice swing normally, Anna takes one to two. Turn so you are parallel with your ball down the target line while taking your practice swings. This will give you a better feel for how the ground will feel beneath your feet at your ball.
  3. Since you’ve already picked your target way off in the distance, you’ll need to pick a secondary target that’s in line with that just a foot or two in front of the ball. Lining up your club face behind the ball towards your target just got way easier.

Now take a deep breath, relax and go!



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