Podcasts We Love – December Edition

Posted: December 9, 2017 by Armana Christianson

One of my favorite things to do on long drives, because I have a lot of them, is to replace music with podcasts. It’s such a great way to pass the time by being in the middle of a conversation, an interview or even a suspenseful cold case. Best thing about podcasts? They’re free!

Here’s my favorite December Podcasts:

Graceful Golfer introduces to you one of our favorite podcasts, MFM!


My Favorite Murder – This has to be an all time favorite of mine. I’ve been listening to it since the beginning of 2017 and my infatuation with it has not gone away. I am a true crime fan! Always have been. So it was only natural that a podcast named My Favorite Murder fell into my weekly downloads. Every week, Karen and Georgia each share a murder that has taken place at any point in time and any place across the world. If you can believe it, there is even comedy involved. Sounds odd but it works!

The Nerdist – Run by Chris Hardwick, each week they release a new download of an interview. The guest varies and could be a comedian, actor, actress, singer, artist and more. This podcast has been on rotation for about 3 years and it’s still going strong! They are just about to hit 1,000 episodes, so you have plenty to catch up on.

Dirty John –  Alright, so I jumped on the bandwagon with this one because it got so much attention. There’s also the true crime aspect that drew me to it. I’d say if you haven’t listened to it give it a shot. The story is actually really interesting and you have a short number of episodes to get through which is nice. Small warning, if you have a problem with the “valley girl” voice you may have to pass on this one.

Ear Hustle – Along with my true crime fascination, I also happen to be the target audience for that prison show Locked UpEar Hustle is along those lines! This podcast is co-run by a prisoner in San Quentin State Prison in California. They are shorter episodes, 15-30 minutes, and talk about different aspects of life and society behind bars. The first season just ended and I’m hooked!

What are your go-to podcasts right now? Let me know in the comments!

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