We're ready to lay out our new year's resolutions for 2018!

New year’s resolutions, we’re coming for you 2018!

Posted: December 27, 2017 by Armana Christianson

We’re coming down to the end of 2017, so we can’t help but look to the future and think about what we want 2018 to look like. New Year’s resolutions are something that we’ve been trying to set each year, and sometimes they aren’t necessarily resolutions, sometimes they’re just goals.

So here is each of our 2018 New Year’s Resolutions & Goals!

Please share yours with us in the comments!


Personal Goals

  • Be more present: when with friends, family etc be in the present moment not consumed with
    my phone
  • Work on not letting the uncontrollable situations bother me
  • Motivate others by showing my vulnerabilities
  • Find a positive in every situation
  • Read more
  • Law of attraction: Focus on the positive of what I want to achieve then let it go, be
    happy with my life now
  • Let the past go

Golf Goals

  • Get stronger to gain distance
  • Continue to better my mental game.
  • Work on consistently, confidence and focus mentally.
  • Train my brain how to think more beneficially on and off the course
  • Continue to work on my swing
  • Fine tune my skills
  • Better my routine
  • Quality vs quantity, take more advantage of mine time
  • Focus more on the positives of my rounds vs negatives
  • Stay present, don’t look back and don’t get ahead of yourself
  • Win a tournament
  • Better my average
  • Better my Symetra Status
  • Play a full season
  • I want to continue to focus and put more emphasis on experiences rather than things
  • Win at least one tournament
  • Improve my golf stats and keep better stats for the year
    • 75% of fairways hit
    • 70% of greens in regulation hit
    • Average score of even par, 72
  • Complete Vision54 course
  • After every tournament round, complete post-round evaluation sheet and find something I’ve learned or that is positive about the round.
  • Increase workouts to 5 times a week
  • Make time for self reflection, affirmation and meditation
  • Keep reading one new book a month
  • Improve Symetra status

What are some of the important goals or resolutions that you have?

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