Anna and Armana each have their own family Christmas traditions!

Christmas Traditions of the Graceful Golfers

Posted: December 21, 2017 by Anna DePalma

Christmas is one of our favorite holidays! We love all the joy it brings to our families and getting to spend quality time with them. Each year, our families have our Christmas traditions and we thought it’d be fun to share those with you! What family holiday traditions do you have?

Anna’s Christmas Traditions

For starters, those who don’t know I am 100% Italian and Catholic. On Christmas Eve, we go to Church then typically come home and get ready for “Santa,” we get the cookies, milk and carrots out for Rudolph! Christmas Eve is the night that we all just hang out and sometimes watch a movie. My mom always gives everyone in the family Christmas pajamas that we all sleep in so we are ready are all in the Christmas spirit from the moment we fall asleep to when we wake up Christmas morning.

On Christmas morning, my brother and I typically wake up my parents. We all gather in the living room with Christmas music, coffee and breakfast to open gifts. Christmas is our day as a family to be with each other and being a part of a super competitive family, we always have a putting contest in our backyard! The rest of the day, we typically watch sports (LA Lakers and Eagles), then at night pick a fun family movie to watch =)

For Christmas dinner (supposed to be Christmas eve) we make 7 fishes which is a tradition of not eating meat during specific times of the year. My favorite part of Christmas, though, is just all being together as a family!

Armana’s Christmas Traditions

My family isn’t very religious but more spiritual. But! We do love a good tradition so we celebrate Christmas. On Christmas Eve in the past, we’ve gone out and played golf. It’s usually pretty quite on the course because everyone is with their families at home. One year, we played back in Nebraska and it was so cold that my brother and I used our head covers as mittens! Christmas Eve night we always get one gift to open from my mom and we can always count on it being a new set of pajamas. Which. Is. Awesome.

On Christmas day, we all get up in the morning. My brother used to be the first one up. We all gather in the living room in the morning and take turns handing out the gifts we’ve purchased for our family members. Cinnamon rolls tend to be the breakfast of choice, which is a treat!

After all of the gifts are opened and the mess cleaned up, we have an early dinner. And then we all go to the movies and see one of the ones that have opened on Christmas Day! I have to say, that one of my favorite parts of Christmas is watching my family open the gifts that I’ve gotten them. It is such a good feeling to see them happy!


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