Arizona Women’s Open 2018, we’re back!

Our last golf tournament of the year is the Arizona Women’s Open. Lucky enough, we both decided to compete this year so we get to share both of our experiences! This year the Arizona Women’s Open is in Sun City, Arizona at Sun City Country Club. Now, normally in Arizona you might imagine a desert style golf course. That is not the case with Sun City Country Club. The course is flat, tree lined and requires accuracy both off the tee and with your irons. The greens can be tricky too. They are firm so approach shots can be challenging to keep on the green unless you have a high ball flight. The speed of the greens putting was slow, which can be a different kind of challenge.

Mentally preparing for the Arizona Women’s Open, well any event, is just as important if not more important as physically preparing.

With Sun City CC being such a placement course you really have to trust your ability and alignment off the tee and with your approach. You also have to mentally trust yourself to hit it hard enough to get to the hole on the greens.

We both didn’t play as well as we wanted but that is GOLF (a four letter word for ya)! Coming away from this event we both learned a lot. Taking away a lot of positives even if our scores weren’t were we wanted. As professional golfers, we need to learn from every round and stick to our routines and trust the process. Speaking of process, we’ll be making sure to write down our stats and review our rounds from the Arizona Women’s Open. Enter your email address to receive a free download, Post-Round Evaluation Sheet! You don’t know what to fix until you look back at what you’ve just done.

Off season has officially started though! Which means our workouts get more intense and we can get down to fine tuning our techniques.

We have exciting plans for the off-season and cannot wait to share with everyone on the Graceful Golfer!

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